Investigation: American underwriting income reduces cure of abstruse Ba Ma to change defect crisis

Jan 3, 2022 上海GM资源推荐

Will report on July 10 according to the ABC, a newest investigation shows, the insurance income of American near future begins to glide, the number that did not buy medical treatment insurance this year increased about 2 million, this makes law of Medical Protection of abstruse Ba Ma is immersed in the crisis. Before this, republic party puts forward to want to end standard of Medical Protection of abstruse Ba Ma, congress also at this point the problem was immersed in pendent at issue.


g to the report, 10 days of Gallup that announce share sanitarian happiness index to show, this year 4-6 month, the scale that counts to buy an underwriter in American adult is achieved 11.7% . Investigation analyst points out, this occupied the end of the year last year for 10.9% , although look,be like difference lesser, but difference is remarkable specific amount.

The report says, although cure changes Aobama in political existence difference, but it makes of the United States fall without insurance rate historical lowest level. Current, the United States has 20 million person to have medical treatment insurance about.

According to the report, mi Ji of leader of senatorial most party? Maikangnaier (Mitch McConnell) plan, in senator after Washington is being returned during will resting on July 4, through listening to their safe to medical treatment view, decide the feasibility with his republic second reading party thereby. Orgnaization of budget of United States Congress estimates, according to the legislation of republic party, will at least 22 million person loses insurance.


ording to the report, maikangnaier relaxes in the consideration all the time accessorial charge of partial medical treatment, strengthen credit of Medical Protection tax to buy private insurance in order to help people, increase billions of dollar to boycott opium kind medicaments. These act or the moderates in can pacifying republic party. To pacify the Conservative Party, maikangnaier still considers to increase demand, in order to make insurance company can offer more specific policy more easily. (The exercitation compiles: Nie Yufang goes over a manuscript or draft: Tian Ruizhe)

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