Investigation shows number of outskirt of old native place adds Ying Lou 3 into even more 6000 families live without house

Jan 3, 2022 魔都新茶论坛

According to Hong Kong east the net reports 10 days, the investigation with newest institute of public policy research shows orgnaization of British wisdom library, go 5 years, place is homeless be forced the number of bivouac countryside outskirt, increase considerably exceed 3 to become, appeal British government faces up to this hidden crisis instantly.

Investigation shows, go up in the street of area of British countryside outskirt or the number of the bivouac in car, come from 2010 rose between 2016 32% . Sheet is to came 2015 2016, 6270 families are in area of outskirt of 91 main rural area respectively bivouac. Average in every 1000 families, 1.3 families did not secure house place. In afore-mentioned numbers, the constellation of person Dou Lou of 1/5 is in the region with the most remote England.

The researcher of responsible investigation expresses, the people to bivouac street person outside sleeping in shop door common, but a bit unfamiliar however to personage of bivouac of countryside outskirt area. Because outlier is in different place dispersedly bivouac, ministry branch builds a tent to live casually in the woods.

Because these suburbs lack public traffic network, be reached to disperse by segregation outside mainstream community, lo

cal government hinders at resource finite and fail to provide support. Add countryside outskirt area to be reached without urgent hostel temporar

ily asylum, the case of outlier is more severe.

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