Indian woman rapes the person that reach cause trouble rude and unreasonable acid 5 times by turns to ever was handed in protect get-off

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India can produce a woman every year many cases be spilled strong acid incident. Newest official data shows, there was case about 300 cases 2015 only, because propose,the reason that Indian male spills strong acid to the female is mostly by refus or capital issue issue. According to France " 20 minutes of newspapers " will report on July 2, recently, middleaged female encountered an India of 35

years old in life be spilled the 5th times strong acid, at present cause trouble person still be at large ease.

According to the report, afore-mentioned fall victim females live in Indian mouth the of metropolis Le Ke of the most concentrated northward state. When incident happening, a man had turned over the high fence in victim home to have sneak attack to its. The Wei Wei of local police chief that is in charge of should having a case overcomes Telipadi (Vivek Tripathi) discloses to Afp, case hair at that time, the victim is hitting water with water pump, cause trouble person after spilling strong acid to its, escape instantly. Because strong acid burn is facial,be sent toward hospital cure with the victim of shoulder. Of the person that at present police already began to have pair of cause trouble capture the action.

The report says, the nightmare of middleaged female begins this India 2008. In dispute of a land, the victim suffers rape by turns. Do not appeal for minatory victim, cause trouble person spilled first time strong acid to its. From same year after sufferring assault for many times, police begins the round-the-clock protection that undertakes 24 hours to the victim. However as a result of armed police not admit victim in the

home, accordingly, in next mixed 2012 2013, the victim suffers the same person that violate twice to spill acid again. Apply cruel in March 2017 happening recently, the victim is taking the train together with the daughter at that time, two cause trouble person try to force a victim to drink next strong acid. In April, the cause trouble that is arrested by police person, after handing in recognizance, be released. (The exercitation compiles: Zheng Yue goes over a manuscript or draft: Zhao Yizhen)

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