Russian intermediary says Afghanistan pushs 4 years to develop plan desire palm to accuse to make the same score betray to reach fear active advantageous position instead

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Shan of reporter of exercitation of round-the-world network coverage] tell a company according to Russia - TASS will report on June 21, a when American department of defense is referring 20 days to United States Congress about " the stability that improves Afghanistan and safety " express in report of 102 pages year, afghan authorities already began to make about arm in the light of Taliban and reorganization the new plan of Afghan armament.

According to the report, afghan president adds the national strategy that the Buddhist nun already enjoined relevant division system decides by a definite date 4 years to develop a plan, with period overall control accuses national security orgnaization and Afghan army to be in blow is revolting with the active advantageous position in fearing a fight instead. Besides, this plan still is involved about the problem that escalates quantity of A government military strength to reach its to recombine. Beautiful department of defense goes out in report

middle finger, a government " course blue print " (beautiful the Pentagon says for " the plan that add the Buddhist nun " ) still be in inchoate development phase at present, but this is one of the mainest program items since Afghan authorities assumes national security responsibility oneself, because this adds the Buddhist nun,the government takes this seriously very.

The report says, new plan will include to recombine army, raise what Afghanistan brings whole group to fight ability, amount of staff of augment information team, increase martial commanding effectiveness, enhance a government to wait in the anti-corruption strength of air force and army. American department of defense emphasizes at the same time, pakistan is armed element of tower benefit class as before at present " Ha Kani network " of armed organization " port " . The assault that happens in Afghanistan all is concerned with the armed gang of Pakistan churchyard, these assault bring about the two countries relation of Afghanistan and Pakistan to be destroyed.

Tell a company according to Russia - TASS is some earlier moment report, american president Telangpu awards beautiful defense minister Ma Di last week this decision United States is in the influence of garrison number of Afghanistan. According to statistic, make an appointment with 8400 people in the U.S. Army of Afghan be stationed at present. In addition, on the hearing of United States Congress that the middle ten days of a month will hold in May, is Vinson of director of bureau of information of American department of defense special? Situerte expresses, the United States and north need to make a change about, stabilize Afghan condition thereby. If do not take any actions, armed element of tower benefit class will be more rampant on this land.

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