Lehigh baseball player gets destroyed by monstrous alley-oop during interview

Sep 30, 2021 阿拉后花园论坛

Postgame posterizing dunks are now a thing in baseball.A trend started by Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon, claimed its latest victim after a Lehigh University game. When the Mountain Hawks swept a series with Navy in two comeback wins during a doubleheader on Sunday, the team had to thank pitcher Nick Stephens in a big way. We're talking about a monstrous, high-flying alley-oop slam so hard, Stephens co

uldn't even stay on his feet. MORE: UNC's fruit fight | FSU's raging bat flip | x Star Wars I agree with the teammate who called a charge, even though Stephens might've been a bit inside the restricted zone.Source: Bleacher Report

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