American Alaska teenager attends country race to rebuke attack dies unfortunately

Jan 5, 2022 上海GM资源推荐

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twork on June 20 outside intermediary report, american Alaska authorities says 19 days, a teenager of local atttacks misfortune to die in playing country race way by blackbear. According to saying, the teenager is encountered the short message ever still was passed to give family with the mobile phone when raiding.

Blackbear (data chart)

According to the report, 18 days, alaska installs Keleiji to hold annual country to run the match, petrick of 16 years old of teenagers of local? Cooper (Patrick Cooper) is atttacked when take part in the match by a blackbear. The match sponsors an unit to say, after Cooper mounts hill, preparing to go downward along abrupt relief, big feral region passes through later. Be in at this moment, blackbear launchs attack to him.

A few players drive an accident to the ground with the personnel that rescue around when, cannot stand by Cooper at first, because blackbear is returned,wander in place. A forest land patrols shoot to blackbear after personnel, quiver its face ministry, blackbear escapes subsequently.

According to the report, cooper's remains in distance country trail many meters 450 shock forest land is found. According to saying, cooper ever sent a short message to give the family that plays the game together, say oneself are being chased after by a blackbear, of the short message sending time was that day midday 12 when 37 minutes.

The patrol that occupies accident forest zone says, this area is seldom bear appears and disappear, not be clear about is what reason cause this to have attack event.

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