Civilian attune shows most Australia suffers visit the people to already lost confidence to American influence

Jan 5, 2022 上海后花园论坛

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to Australia " new fast network " will report on June 19, civilian attune shows, great majority Aomen's people thinks the world is becoming more and more " dangerous " . Since Telangpu is elected as American president, the Aomen's people develops the confidence of constructive action to already dropped considerably in global general affairs to American general.

Civilian attune shows, of 89% suffer the person that visit to think, the world is in became in a year in the past than before more " dangerous " , this proportion is higher than 2016 8% . In addition, only the Aomen's people of 37% thinks, arise to global general affairs on American whole " active " influence, lower than 2016 23% .

Ipsos Australia studies chief inspector wears Mei Xi (Laura Demasi) this people confidence drop ascribe to Telangpu's behavior. She says: "Inside global limits, people is obvious uncertain to Telangpu act style feels nervous, anxious still Telangpudi goes out ' the United States is preferential ' will other to the world country causes an effect. Anxious still Telangpudi goes out ' the United States is preferential '

will other to the world country causes an effect..

Global @dvisor is aimed at the whole world 25 countries (include Australia inside) the investigation of 18 thousand much person shows, 10 there are 8 people to think in sufferring the person that visit, the world is compared 2016 more " dangerous " . This investigation has after a chain of horrible assault happens, mancunian concert and London bridge produce Dan Zaiying country before explosion.

According to statistic, in think the world is compared last year more " dangerous " respect, the Aomen's people's rate relatively international level is high 3% , and this rate even for instance England

is mixed France a few had sufferred the country that fears raiding taller.

Dai Mei says on the west, afore-mentioned results make clear, the Aomen's people did not feel Australia and fear raiding insulation. "I do not think to fear raiding the problem that is individual country only, this already became global fear. Accordingly, become abroad happening to fear raiding when, the Aomen's people feels Australia also can happen. The Aomen's people feels Australia also can happen..

Investigation still points out, american fame is alive inside bound limits glide quickly. Come from international say, only the person of 40% thinks, the United States acts active role in world general affairs, relatively dropped 2016 24% . In the state that has positive effect to global general affairs, canada lists head of a list of names posted up with 81% , be Australia next 79% 67% with Germany. (The exercitation edits: Zhou Saimin examine and verify: Tan Liya)

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