Russia capital two trains barge against fines one station 2 people are injured

Jan 5, 2022 上海贵族宝贝419

Xinhua News Agency is Muscovite on June 19 report (flute of reporter Wang Chen) two electric train are in Russia 19 days the ca

pital is Muscovite Kuersike railway station barge against, already caused two passengers to get hurt at present.

According to TASS cite Russia the message of bureau of traffic of ministry of internal affairs of central federal district reports, muscovite time 14 when 38 minutes, the city border train that by Muscovite city Nahabinuo leaves for Xie Erbin one to get stuck after from Ku

ersike the railway station sends a car, a railroad car happening is slight and off the rails. Of immediately of this division railroad car and a firm pull in, by husband issueing Nuo Ge Luode city leaves for Muscovite interstate train barge against.

According to preliminary count, the accident causes two passengers on interstate train to get hurt.

Current, two lash-up train already was sent to go to accident ground to order scattered guest. Railroad branch established motor-driven headquarters in trouble spot, after coordinating an accident, add processing and train run a condition.

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