European Union police may cross a country to get information to cause privacy to divulge anxious

Jan 5, 2022 阿拉后花园论坛

Will report on June 13 according to Russia satellite network, the European Union is building an information that cross a state to get a mechanism, allow one country to execute the law the branch is direct from facial book (the company of a few IT such as Facebook) , Gu Ge gets information, if be necessary,still can get information from other country. This rings alarm bell noisy to a lot of countries, a lot of people regard this as the menace of pair of individual privacy.

The report points out, this offers is to be in in recent years European horror assaults incident to add what appear below much setting gradually. The official of European Union judicatory that European committee will hold on June 15 local time puts forward 3 kinds of equipment to choose plan on the conference, establish law draft in order to offer later period form. According to estimating this draft resolution will this year the end of

the year or 18 years of the beginning of the year are referred discuss. This action crosses the change the country to get information to cost at present long, the current situation with trival program

These 3 kinds of plan are respectively: One, member country can get; of cloud memory information directly each other 2, be not place country to execute the law when IT company when the provides information requirement that the branch raises, they should fulfil obligation by the requirement. Plan 3 deflection at protecting privacy, influence orgnaization cannot be informed seat of information memory terminal, the information kind that needs to get also remains to discuss.

The Hawthorne that comes from enterprise cloud to serve monitoring company Skyhigh (Nigel Hawthorne) says when accepting satelli

tic network to interview: The problem depends on terrorist and convict do not divide national boundaries, I am so understandable why to execute the law the branch also can want to break through national dividing line to gather information, launch investigation. Once produce horror to assault incident, they must react quickly, discover quickly and arrest a suspect. It is reasonable that so this offers.

To the 2nd kind of plan, hawthorne says, should execute the law when the branch asks IT company provides information, they should express to understand to this, they also are a kind of social member, what should abide by a society to move is regular.

At the same time he has a few doubt to the feasibility existence of the 3rd kind of plan, a very good balance must be found to nod when legislation, law must dedicated avoid at immediate investigation aimlessly large-scale get information, such ability make sure communication is safe, avoid disturbed and private life. Hawthorne says: Make sure in legislative process law is the course is cogitative only, it is to be written seriously while search allowed a balance, our ability worries a few lesser in individual privacy respect.

He says, at present the content of this plan still is too too wide extensive. Had appeared to execute the law previously the branch gets the case with information overmuch attributive, the information that then they gather is met the over information that they want, did not have appropriate government to these information again however however. We cannot allow to appear the person that execute the law gets all information, so that used case is taken at any time when investigation in the future, such too insecure.

Hawthorne is right also span the possibility that European Union bounds gathers information to other country was done evaluate. He says this kind of possibility is very little, unless everybody is mixed to individual privacy of information reasonable use hold same anticipation. (The exercitation compiles: Cheng Huimin goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)

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