Meaning premier: The United States abandons concerning with Cuba the act that normalization is a mistake

Jan 6, 2022 上海龙凤shlf

American president Telangpu will express on June 16, cancel ex

-president the wrong policy of normalization of relation of Aobama and Cuba. To this, italian premier true Diluoni says, the government abandons Telangpu th

e decision that the with Cuba relation normalization policy that Aobama ever promoted is a mistake.

According to Russian new company on June 18 message, italy " the republic signs up for " (La Repubblica)18 day announces pair of true Diluoni interview content. True Diluoni expresses in interview, remind, I ever was informed Aobama the outstanding pioneering work that makes to Cuba, I think, returning the past is a mistake, exit like the choice " Parisian climate agreement " it is wrong and same.

Telangpu announces to cancel the policy with Cuba relation normalization. This is Telangpu calls in commitment of a government signs before this again act. The White House points out, the United States withholds the embargo that implements to Cuba, organize the cry to take off the embargo to U.N. and other international instead.

Alexander of director of department of latin america of Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanks Ji Ning to Telangpu comment of arrange of this with one action says, the view that opposes Cuba still upsurges in the United States, telangpu the condition that the government is returning cold war period to the new policy of Havana, moscow expresses a regret to this. [round-the-world net reports reporter Zhu Pei]

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