Vietnam discovers " uterine " is twin appearance pole does not resemble

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Li Tingliang of chairman of Vietnam gene association (transliteration) confirm 8 days, let twin child accept deoxidization ribonucleic acid recently to the couple (DNA) detect, although be,the result discovers this pair of twin same a maternal place is strange, but have different father however.

Li Tingliang introduces, if the female is in same the impact produces with different man respectively inside oviposit period, appear by chance two ovum part the case of be fertilized, produce the twin of next different father likely.

This kind of case is in not only Vietnam is extremely infrequent, even if comparative inside alive bound limits infrequent, this professor tells Afp the reporter.

Li Tingliang did not disclose the sexual distinction of the full name of this pair of couples and child. According to report of website of news of Vietnam Dan Tri, this pair of twin at present two years old big, be born time differs a few hours only. Although two children are same sexual distinction, but appearance pole does not resemble, one is thicker wavy hair, another is fine straight hair.

Vietnam " the youth signs up for " report, as a result of among them a child grows too unlike father, kin people urge this looks after children to the couple in succession go undertaking kissing child appraisal, whether to put in order to find out in the case such as the hospital neglect, child that hold a fault in the arms.


The gene inside the river of subordinate of Vietnam gene association is analysed and technical center lab undertook to twin DNA detects subsequently, the result confirms this is uterine place to be born to twin.

As we have learned, the United States ever also discovered a pair of uterine

twin last year. A court of American rules subsequently, a man needs to be only among them a girl, namely his one's own flesh and blood pays allowance, and the alimony that need not bear another child.

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