Combat of primary election of beautiful general election is shown turn white-hot to leave a president or arise in 5 people

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Super Tuesday eve, combat of American primary election becomes turn white-hot. Republic party a group of people of same interest is initial the potential that presents 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces, magnate of new York real estate Tangnadetelangpu is gotten considerably temporarily in difficult contend run, interior of the Democratic Party already was Hillary and Sangdesi two people male and female is right definitely ankylose condition, president of an United States or arise in this 5 people.

On March 1, the United States has 11 cities to hold primary election at the same time, in this super Tuesday, will give Zhang Gong and 595 parties definitely electoral ticket, remote closes who can be obtained finally nominate within the party. In 4 cities that had held primary election, add up to takes Telangpu below 82 pieces of electoral tickets, fall in ever since Dekesasi the city is senatorial Taidekeluci and Florida state senator Makelubiao, take 17 pieces to reach 16 pieces of electoral ballots respectively only, and Yaohankaxiji and retired doctor Ben Kasen take Ohio bey to reach 4 pieces of electoral ballots to 6 pieces each only. Press regulation of republic party election, had acquired number of half electoral ticket, namely 1237 pieces of tickets can be won nominate within the party.

On Feburary 25 late the republic party before this super Tuesday on moot of the last TV, gunfire 4 shoot. The analysis says, want nick not to suffer a lot of people to wait for the Telangpu that see, ke Luci and rupee abstruse the strategy that must change mutual charge, turn and rise jointly atttack Telangpu. Because, sandpiper mussel conflicting, fishing old man gets benefit, ke Luci and rupee abstruse fistfight, meet only more and more the pace that stops Telangpu hard, needing adopted action is run and preventing Telangpu to get is not to blunder someone else.

It seems that, rupee abstruse complied with with Keluci this one proposal. Be in this to rest at American south city on the moot that Si Duiju goes, force of medium baking temperature of two people market atttacks Telangpu, say its are a cheater, ask Telangpu declares dutiable goods publicly watch. And Telangpu weighs rupee abstruse be a clown and devoid economy brains is small do not nod, saying Keluci is a cheater and the senator that are cold-shouldered by the colleague.

The analysis says, declare dutiable goods publicly express a likelihood to make death warrant to Telangpu. 24 days, ever was in presidential choosing battle represented republic party and Aobama to be opposite 2012 definitely Luomuni expresses, had not seen Telangpu, Keluci, rupee so far abstruse declare dutiable goods watch, point to Telangpu continuously declare dutiable goods bomb of the Tibet inside the watch. Luomuni thinks, constituency has authority to see those who participate a person declare dutiable goods before the decision watch, if Telangpu declares dutiable goods publicly,say to express, may be discovered what its income is not if place character to have only capital fund of 10 billion dollar, perhaps did not pay tax at all and the duty with very few capture. Telangpu strikes back say, luomuni looks like goofy, say on moot, he cannot declare dutiable goods publicly now watch, because the scale of the company is very large, and got 12 years year after year in the past audit, now also is, if audit ends, he can be opposite absolutely undertake publicity, but audit may need very long a long time.

Rupee of Ao Congjie cloth retreat pitch on to gain profit fine is much. A few outstanding cloth contribution before this person express, turning of purpose and aid financially rupee abstruse. Reuter report says, since announcing to run for the presidency last year, rupee abstruse receive the amount that comes from wall street contribution to already was as high as 4 million dollar, enter into an election contest in two parties philtrum ranks the first place. Rupee abstruse claim, most and republic partisans does not hope Telangpu wins nomination, and wish to seek someone else to replace, he will be become and Telangpu is opposite finally definitely person.

A group of people of same interest of the Democratic Party remains Sangdesi and Hillary only, of two people choose situation current still be inextricably involved. Sang Desi embraces wholesale within the party in democracy many, its strengthen finance to superintend, offer the view such as free education, quite charming to young constituency. And Hillar

y is long classics battlefield, abound in personal details of American political field, diplomacy is seasoned, protect in cure, education, finance municipal the footing that go up is relatively gentle, and with republic party contact with old, fight experience is extremely rich, hopeful be thinkinged is in be opposite with general election of republic party adversary definitely when win out. Accordingly, not only assemblyman of most the Democratic Party supports Hillary in United States Congress, many control super the Democratic Party of electoral ticket is curule also Liting's Hillary. Still public opinion thinks, committee of whole nation of the Democratic Party argues in TV of arrangement general election, allocate the respect such as election resource, hit in the dark press Sangdesi, take care of to Hillary have add.

Pull in Nevada in Dan Xila after answering one bureau, sang Desi not cannot recover after a setback, however oath continues to struggle, changed the look to super Tuesday not only, and when the plenary meeting of nomination of the Democratic Party that prophecy holds at Philadelphia to July, we will witness the most breathtaking politics turn on American history.

Sang Desi faces tremendous secret worry. Regulation of election of the Democratic Party shows, had acquired number of half electoral ticket, namely 2383 pieces of electoral tickets can win nomination. Current, hillary already the hand holds 502 pieces of electoral hostages, and Sangdesi is 70 pieces. The analysis thinks, hillary may enlarge an advantage in super Tuesday, because its are electoral,ticket number contends for the strategy very take actor.

But have do not write down bill standard at t

he sweep the deck of the person that win of republic party, what the the Democratic Party adopts is to be pressed more or less does the ticket come prorata electoral ticket number. A few Sangdesi's proponents think, want difference to be not pulled too greatly only, because of,be like Hillary near future mail door by the FBI official put on record, bring the Hillary that cannot trust to be being thought by many people all the time deadly biff.

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