Heart intermediary: Battle of 800 Mohammedan emperor person the department leaves the country from Germany organize effectiveness for horror

Jan 6, 2022 上海GM资源推荐

Integrated Germany media will report on Feburary 24, the statistical data of total bureau of German federal gumshoe shows, amount of the person that the extremely Mohammedan creed of horrible organization effectiveness is toward Syria, Iraq before leaving the country from Germany amounts to 800 people. More dangerous is, among them the holy battle of 1/3 person had returned Germany at present.

A spokesman is opposite confederative gumshoe total bureau Germany " the world signs up for " divulge, at the beginning of this year since, leave the country from Germany the extremely Mohammedan creed that fight person show small ascendant trend again. And this year in January, ming Xi of director of gumshoe total bureau (HolgerM Nch) ever still said, battle of emperor going abroad person the number is in drop off. At that time, the data that gumshoe total bureau records is 780 people.

municipal to Germany department, especially dangerous is those after area of chaos caused by war accumulated war experience, return extremely Mohammedan element of Germany again afresh. They accepted horror to assault the training of gimmick in war zone, and ideological also become more extreme.

" the world signs up for " return a report to say, the personal details of the person that confederative gumshoe total bureau evaluated 677 extremely Mohammedan creed, they ever were driven before June 2015 go to Syria and Iraq. Evaluate a result to show, in this 670 people, it is mostly 22 years old - male of 25 years old, more than 6 Chengdu have German citizenship; to about the person of 1/6 changed belief, the ceremony of proclaiming sb a Buddhist Mohammedan.

Data still shows, the battle of emperor going abroad

of 2/3 person before had had criminal record, and the person of 1/10 is going abroad the middle school still is attending before fighting.

Besides return Germany afresh, the person that return some emperor battle is in Iraq or Syrian place die in the last ditch. " the world signs up for " the data of office of cite Germany

security points out, in the extremely Mohammedan armed element that leaves the country from Germany, battle dead exceeds 130 people, because department of person of wh some of which starts the suicide to type makes a surprise attack and die. [round-the-world net reports the reporter holds the post of plum]

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