Tokyo knows a thing: Will offer to build infrastructure in Diaoyu Island to day government

Jan 6, 2022 上海龙凤自荐

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] in the light of the nationalization of alleged Diaoyu Island that Japanese government one-sided carried out 2012 guiding principle, japanese Tokyo knows thing error to add should accepting recently " produce classics news " when be being interviewed alone, say, we already offerred 8 times to build piscatorial infrastructure in Diaoyu Island to administration early or late, will continue to offer to drive an environment to conserve further henceforth policy, requirement Japan government takes out real action as early as possible, those who advance Diaoyu Island is strategical use policy alive.

" produce classics news " the report will say on Feburary 19, in April 2013, thing stone former Shen Tailang knows to ever tried to raise money to buy Diaoyu Island before Tokyo when contribution, about 1.4 billion yen (add up to a RMB about 80.72 million yuan) contribution was not used and be used as fund, lose the ground of its use force.

In be aimed at relevant provision provision, make clear be like a government listedly to have not decide policy cannot defray fund this one view, error adds express: Though administration decides to build,take refugee fund of defray of the ability after the guiding principle such as establishment, but want a government to have not leave a decision only we cannot fribble. Government of our hope Japan should according to relevant byelaw, make a relevant national policy that can use fund alive as soon as possible.

On the other hand, " produce classics news " say, the normalization cruise that faces Chinese official boat to reach its periphery sea area in Diaoyu Island at present, error is added emphasize saying to had better be mixed namely same before, hope United States can stand to say Diaoyu Island is " treaty of beautiful day security " suitable scope, he thinks beautiful square it is very important to promote the work actively.

Error is added still say, japan builds piscatorial infrastructure to having long-term sense in Diaoyu Island. I think this can make the biggest weapon of cooperation of


day security, the deterrence force that he thinks to should pass cooperation of beautiful day security to bring above all will remove an obstacle.

In fact, about Diaoyu Island problem, chinese government already for many times solemn statement, the square core interest in regarding as, diaoyu Island and its periphery are accessary islands is medium from of old square inherent territory, autarchy just is enjoyed in. Anybody passes any illegal meanses to wait, cannot change Diaoyu Island to belong to historical fact of China. In September 2012, japanese government implements alleged nationalization policy in the light of brazenly of Chinese Diaoyu Island, cause two countries relation to appear to go backwards badly, cause Sino-Japanese two countries to oppose. In fact, japanese one-sided will fish insular nationalization, broke the balance of Asia-Pacific area, also be the act of peace of most barefaced one-sided change area.

(original title: Tokyo knows a thing: Will offer to build piscatorial infrastructure in Diaoyu Island to day government)

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