The message before the Pentagon says beautiful Han Shang did not begin to discuss Sa Dezhi is disloyal (graph)

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Occupy Han couplet company 18 days to report, spokesman of American department of defense compares class of Er black Er 17 days to clarify external, the Han Meilian that is in charge of discussing matters concerned of deploy of system of heart of Sa of the U.S. Army that be stationed in Han joins a working group have not meeting, and at this point

the erroneous information that premise supplies undertakes an apology. That is to say, the Pentagon corrects oneself beauty of the Han before overthrowing this starts the version of agenda of Sa heart deploy formally. 18 days, korea defense minister also says Han Mei already launched formal negotiation with respect to problem of Sa heart deploy the report is disloyal.

The U.S. Army adds martial action sketch map newly in Korea.

According to the report, black Er class expresses, group of beautiful teamwork work is in Han to work to begin negotiation formally to prepare, when to spread out negotiation formally to still do not have schedule. And black Er class earlier Qiancengzhengshi, han Meilian joins a working group already meeting, be in with respect to Sa Dewen the problem launchs negotiation. Another spokesman Cooke expresses the Pentagon on the routine press conference in 16 days, agenda of Sa heart deploy will be started inside Yu Benzhou. Han beautiful two countries announced will formal negotiation is in 7 days when launch a satellite at Korea that day the plan of heart of Sa of deploy of the U.S. Army that be stationed in Han, after this begins to establish relevant teamwork work group.

Around problem of Sa heart deploy, of Korea say demit also produces change. Korea dispatch company reports Niuxisitong 18 days say, defense minister Han Min begs Korea to expressed in congress that day, the coverage that media has launched to consult formally with respect to problem of Sa heart deploy about Han Mei is not belonged to solid, if both sides spreads out formally,talk things over, will pass Korea department of defense and headquarters of the U.S. Army that be stationed in Han to be published external at the same time at the appointed time. But 16 days, piao Jinhui's president expresses publicly when congress addresses, the Han Mei that already announced at 10 days begins negotiation to be able to regard one of measure that answer Korea menace with respect to Sa heart.

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