Brazil discovers in saliva stockaded village blocks live virus kiss to increase infection risk

Jan 6, 2022 上海娱乐地图

In report will occupy new network on Feburary 6 beautiful intermediary report, the official of Brazilian sanitation branch shows, in saliva and uric fluid example discovery

picks stockaded village to block live virus example.

According to the report, local time 5 days, aosiwaerduokeluci says on the press conference that the chairman is holding foundation, accidental kiss also can increase infection stockaded village to block the venture of virus. But he expresses to ought not to have the policy that prohibits kissing again.

Intertropical disease research organization the scientist of fu

nd says Aosiwaerduokeluci, they are deciding humoral whether can transmit stockaded village to block virus to give another person.

Local time 5 days, brazil enters carnival season. People can kiss the stranger on the ave normally during carnival.

Meanwhile, world Health Organization admonishs the official of door of Ministry of Public Health does not accept what the country that produces stockaded village to block virus to affect from recently returns comer to donate blood.

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