Somalia passenger of damaged of a plane by epispastic hind object die (graph)

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After a plane takes off 2 days, before long doubt is like Somalia experience explodes, occurrence hole of a side airframe, bring about a passenger by drop after epispastic engine room die. What what I hope is, plane subsequently urgent return to base and descend in sanded airport of Somalia capital Ma Jiadi, 74 passengers and unit staff by safety scattered.

[the be in danger in sky]

Date of this plane scheduled flight is D3159, set in United Arab Emirates by headquarters enlighten the operation of the airline that amount to the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces that do obeisance to, flew to Djibouti from Majiadisha that day surely formerly.

Hold the Saierweiya that accuses a plane Fulajimierwoduopiweici describes book driver, after taking off several minutes, plane engine room produces explosion suddenly and on fire, occurrence hole of a side airframe.

Occurrence damaged of airframe of wing upper part. (Picture origin: ? Salary? beautiful couplet)

I consider as bomb, woduopiweici of 64 years old says, fortunately, the plane is held accuse a system to do not have damage, I just am able to return to base and descend in the airport. Never had produced this kind of job in my flight career. Our engine room is broken pressed, can head off a danger is thank heaven really.

When the accident, somalia is stationed in U.N. alternate Awalaikulanei also aboard, preparation goes to Djibouti to attend meeting of staff of a diplomacy. He leaves a message in gregarious website types of facial makeup in operas, say oneself hear blare, next a few seconds are lost sight of besides smoke, everybody discovers later, plane one chunk airframe has disappeared disappear.

Cover of the oxygen inside engine room hangs down fall. (Hair of Xinhua News Agency)

Kulanei still sticks a video of a paragraph of spot. In video, a few passengers wear aerobic veil in succession. Nevertheless, after this paragraph of video is released, be deleted namely before long.

Eyewitness says, the passenger with an older age is surrounded by bolide, from engine room hole by epispastic hind object die. Majiadisha presses down Ha Sang of police officer Mohammed to confirm with boreal Ba Lade, local dweller discovered the body that this passenger scorchs.

[explosive suspicion in one's mind]

Press the view of the Mahamaode in A of official of Somalia civil aviaton, after plane crash-land, 74 member that multiply by safety scattered, two people are only slight get hurt.

Airframe damage

d. (Picture origin: ? チ  ?

Be aimed at this to have the cause of incident, a few experts reach after analysing airframe damaged photograph with plane driver Woduopiweici is judged identically. Expert of safety of the member before American country carries safe committee, aviation writings brush Ge Liya says about, although master currently the circumstance is finite, but it very the literary work that resembles exploder.

Although incident still is done not have temporarily qualitative, but Somalia is stationed in the plane that senior official takes U.N. to encounter such accident, unavoidable suspicion letting a person the figure that whether its have Somalia youth party rear.

Somalia youth party and base organization concern couplet, try to build to include the country su

ch as Kenya, Ethiopia the part is domanial inside East Africa is Mohammedan sheikdom. Since this year January, this one organization makes horrible raid often, had caused tens of person casualties.

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