Guard of Israel of the assault that hold a knife girl of 13 years old of Palestine is shot kill

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A girl of 13 years old of Palestine is in 23 days Palestine Jordan the Jew of the bank settles on the west the dot tries to hold Dao Xi to attack an Israel guard, shoot by latter kill.


[pop dies]

Israel police says in Mu of Sa of female spokesman Lu Ba, preliminary investigation shows, the girl is called cloth of Lu Kaya A - Ade, live in Jordan on the west the village of A accept tower of the bank.

According to Lu Ba's view, lu Kaya belongs to intent commit suicide. She has a knife, mean commit suicide, lu Ba says in

a statement. Bear down on when Lu Kaya when that Israel guard, guard shoots, hurt her again, the doctor announces she dies subsequently.

Police says, lu Kaya's father is looking for her at that time, when arriving at the spot to be however late already. Police undertakes asking ask to him, in order to understand the plan that whether he knows a daughter beforehand, release him subsequently.

The kinescope of a paragraph of monitoring that Israel TV station broadcasts shows, this guard that hold a gun has run resident dot enters the mouth, a girl follows from the back, move resembling is being taken in her hand is the thing like a knife.

Lu Kaya's family confirmed her dead information. Maternal Lidaabu - Ade says, the daughter left to do not have any problems that day when the home.

Her father works in the farm, lu Kaya often looks for him. When she leaves, I did not see, think to go again over there her father, amount to in say, lu Kaya is a little girl, who to stab how possibly?

Official of a few Palestine says, with already just remanding Lu Kaya's remains its family, so that fall bury. Israel media reports, lu Kaya will at 24 days of bury.

[execute outside the law]

Israel authorities says, teenager of the 3rd this is a Zhou Fasheng similar Palestine holds Dao Xi to attack incident.

Reuter is commented, since last year October, although the Palestinian bumps with knife disclose, car everyday approximately,wait for means to launch assault and deadly 25 Israelis, but as fight back, israel installs the civilian of whole group and hold weapon to already killed at least 149 Palestinians.

In the Palestinian that launchs assault, many it is teen-age teenager. Afp report, lu Kaya occupies a letter is killed age is shot in assault most diminutive.

Assemblyman of group of Ci of Israel opposition Mei Lei Aisaweifulajie says in a statement, lu Kaya can be subdued originally and not be be shot to kill, she has even if a knife, but should OK be arrested.

Fulajie still alludes Si Telun of Er of Ge Wa of Ma of Swedish diplomacy chancellery. Afp report, previous appeal is opposite Waersitelun since last year October Israel security armed forces kills the Palestinian's incident undertakes be mixinged thoroughly be investigatinged authoritatively, execute outside the standard that urges Israel to stop to hold knife charger to Palestine at the same time.

Fulajie agrees with Waersitelun's viewpoint. He says: (Israel premier Benyaming) what did the state that Neidaniyahu should examine him produce, how is the child killed without cognizance. (Zheng Saiyuan Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

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