Transition of magazine of old brand adult " attic " electronic edition will change since next month

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" attic " cut of order the title page of a thread-bound book pursued in January 2016

According to report of The Verge of media of science and technology, magazine of old brand adult " attic " (Penthouse) announce, of this magazine presswork edition general is in the stop publication after date was published in January. This magazine that published more than half century is transition electronic edition. Its publisher joins friendly network company (FriendFinder Network) express, this one change is to assure " attic " prospective competition ability.

According to " wall street daily " report, company of the network that make friend shows in a statement, consumer weighs model nowadays first selection consumes content, " attic " the content that magazine electron edition knows reader place and loves, from presswork the experience change union of edition magazine experiences to digital edition.

This is magazine of adult of afterwards old brand " playboy " (Playboy) announce its presswork after edition general publishs photograph of completely naked woman no longer since March oneself, magazine of another old brand announces transition. At that time, playboy company CEO Sikaotefulandesi (Scott Franders) express, carry a woman completely naked photograph this kind of practice already outdated, you need to get online to be able to obtain the content that you imagine freely gently only now.

The Verge points out, " attic " the problem that faces appears with " playboy " differ somewhat, but in transition of edition of electron of miscellaneous ambition of adult of two old brand, internet is chief influencing factor.

Established 1965 " attic " 5 million exceed in the lunar circulation of flourishing period, but the development as Internet, its manage state go from bad to worse, and company of the network that make friend still applied for to go bankrupt in September 2013 protection, hope thereby re

duces debt load.

The Verge ever reported before this, the Internet of flying development makes " playboy " have completely naked hare young woman no longer, it is more difficult to make once issued trade what those pornographic works that rely on a tradition in that way like Playboy company fend legally more gain. Want to know, the bare likelihood nowadays needs a few informal Google only merely the search is hands-down.

Grow up not only magazine profit is hard, male magazine also is faced with live the crisis. Last year November, group of Bao Er medium (Bauer Media) subordinate two males magazine " the man is helped " (FHM) and " the zoo " (Zoo) announce stop publication. A spokesman represents this group, the media of young man uses a convention ceaseless (from paper intermediary) transfer to shift and gregarious media. (origin: Insurgent journalist)

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