Woman of United States of student studying abroad of China of the shoot dead that trace remaining part is accused 4 accusation: Without regret meaning

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Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to chase after woman of United States of student studying abroad of China of end shoot dead to be accused 4 accusation: Without: of regret i

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It is American pop case at first, this is again common the accident tracing remaining part that does not pass, but cause trouble driver raised a gun unexpectedly, what perish below muzzle is year only Chinese female student studying abroad of 19 years old.

Local time on January 16, admire of calm of county of handkerchief of the division in horse of American Arizona city (Tempe) produce traffic accident one case. of river of student studying abroad is in Chinese daughter of 19 years old meet with cause trouble driver, suddenly Li Davis of 32 years old (Holly Davis) after successive pop, because the condition of an injury is overweight,die in the hospital. 17 days, china was stationed in los angeles consulate general to confirm incident of this one pop.

Suddenly Li Davis commits very cruel savage act to river , we feel distress. River is an innocent victim. The official Nai abstruse rice that calm admire police station is in charge of this case adds Er lay mines

to think of (Naomi Galbraith) tell insurgent news, suspect Davis by accuse 4 accusation: Blame of one degree murder, hold deadly fierce regard highly to spend charge other blame, hold lethal weapon misconduct blame and unlawfully posses lethal weapon blame.

The statement that calm admire police station provides to insurgent news shows, davis denied her pop action, also did not show regret trace. In case report, hydroxide of the suck before Davis admits to ever committing a crime takes an examination of ketone medicaments (Oxycodone Drug) , this is a kind of spirit kind medicines and chemical reagents, analgesia of effect of the Yu Jiang that be used and fight angst.

Police expresses, shooting intention of Davis is current still not witting, want further investigation.

Davis of suspect suddenly benefit is suspected of of river of student studying abroad, already was arrested by police.

The suspect did not show regret trace, admit narcotic of the suck before case hair is tasted

The beginning and end that statement stated happening of details of a case in detail 16 days afternoon 2 when 40 minutes or so, river drives a car, in the Broadway market of calm admire city (Broadway) hold gram street in the palm with Mai Kelin (McClintock) the red light such as roundabout place, be chased after by car of a masses end. Passenger of a male gets off examination car damages circumstance, discover chauffeuse of cause trouble car is suddenly Li Davis holds a gun get off trend river . He is returned immediately river reminds inside the car, but here when, davis already opened several guns repeatedly to river from car window. Consciousness is lost after the gun in river , uncontrollable car, its car and the barge against of the 3rd car that carry 5 passengers, there is 1 to be pregnant inside this car female and 3 children.

Immediately, davis drives escape. After river is sent toward the hospital, do not treat die. With the male passenger pass an imperial examination that river is the same as a car 5 passengers on 3 cars vehicle get flesh wound. The male passenger that is the same as a car with river expresses, in produce the preaccident that trace remaining part, they never had seen Davis.

Spot eyewitness remembered car name of Davis, police seizes his after several hours. Davis denied pop action, also did not show regret trace.

In addition, in the case report of police, davis admits ever not long ago of on record hair uses hydroxide to take an examination of ketone medicaments, this is a kind of spirit kind medicines and chemical reagents, analgesia of effect of the Yu Jiang that be used and fight angst. Ketone of hydroxide take an examination ofing is to include U.N. " narcotic is onefold 1961 convention " the breed of control, clinical discovery, after high dose uses hydroxide to take an examination of ketone continuously, be interrupted suddenly or reduce an amount, partial patient has Buddhist monastic discipline to break what ask for integratedly to happen.

Victim year only 19 years old, group of local live abroad expresses stunned and anger

17 days, china was stationed in los angeles consulate general to confirm incident of this one pop. Galbraith tells insurgent news, police station of calm admire county already was stationed in los angeles to always got a house to inform a victim of the relative in Chinese home through China. Be in charge of handling the official of this incident to divulge according to always getting a house, after always getting a house 16 days to get coming from the message of bound of Arizona city live abroad late, instantly police of contact crime scene enquires details of a case, requirement place police protects Chinese citizen rights and interests lawfully.

According to " live abroad signs up for " report, local student studying abroad discloses, river comes from Chinese Chongqing, year only 19 years old, it is Arizona city establishs an university big the student of 2 finance major.

Local student organization and delegate of live abroad group all express, produce such malign case to make a person stunned and anger. Yang Wentian of round controller of local live abroad expresses, this is the malign society case that makes a person cannot tolerate together, he should combine group of local other live abroad delegate and organization of student studying abroad and police delegate meeting, convey them to have the serious care of malign society case to this, use local English media to give out their sound, supervise and urge the judicial department punishs severely a suspect.

Common occurance of incident of American pop force. Be in this year on January 5, american president Aobama announces a series of administration measure that control firearms strictly, this action is the gun that Aobama bypasses congress place is promulgated accuse measure, in order to reduce firearms force, keep within limits already became the large-scale pop of normal, suicide and homicide event in American community.

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