Afghan happening horror assaults incident to already caused casualties of nearly 30 people

The message weighed broadcasting station of French international broadcast on January 17, according to Afp report, afghanistan produced horrible explosion event on January 17 local time. In this country case of Nan of the eastpart part breaths out Er to save metropolis the suicidal type bomb of city happening assaults Gulala

bade, already caused death of at least 14 people at present, additionally 13 people get hurt. After assault happening, afghan security armed forces is driven instantly go to the spot, block accident area, the person that will hurt sends toward around hospital cure.

According to the report, nan case breaths out Er to save Gu La to pull branch of Bader municipal government to make a statement point out, this assault is aimed at Xinwali's residence. Xinwali is the member that local parliament has good reputation. When incident happening, a tribal meeting that is called to raise Er standard is being held.

Afghan president added the Buddhist nun to condemn assault incident, right be murdered person the family member expresses to mourn. He still asks concerned government official makes full use of the person that main rescue hurts existing natural resources. Add the Buddhist nun to say, afghan country installs whole group and national defence force to will repel terroristic force, guard people life and national security.

The report points out, on January 13, gulalabade ever produced assault event near city Pakistan consulate, cause 7 polices death, much person is injured, mohammedan country is organized already alleged responsible to making a surprise attack this. But assault incident to the suicidal type bomb January 17, s

till announce without the organization to should having assault incident is in charge of up to now. [round-the-world net reports reporter Wang Li orchid]

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