Wu Kelan government and folk arm reach instantly the new cease-fire agreement of become effective

Jan 7, 2022 魔都新茶论坛

Cite Afp report said broadcasting station of French international broadcast on January 13, wu Kelan gove

rnment and folk arm to reached new cease-fire agreement on January 13 local time. This consultative general ins

tantly become effective, and replace the hour is counted only after the bottom was signed in December 2015 namely cracked cease-fire agreement.

According to the report, wu Kelan and Ou An organize an official to express, new agreement is by Geleiciluofu of the country before Russia Chairman Du Ma (Boris Gryzlov) is driven. Beijing of Russia president general is at the beginning of January choose Geleiciluofu to undertake negotiating as its individual delegate.

The New Year before this and Christmas cease-fire agreement were knocked on December 22, 2015 calm, but accuse burst namely in morrow morning, fail to end this already 20 months create last a period of time the conflict that more than 9000 people die. [round-the-world net reports reporter Wang Li orchid]

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