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f center of news of the network austral Fujian to fly across show of Korea beautiful muscle: of firm and federal source? Salary  ?2016-01-11 10:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The United States sends a B - 52 model long-range strategy bomber flies across Korea territorial air in the morning at 10 days, the intent is very clear: Beautiful muscle. Opportunity for combat of F-15 of Korea air force and F of the U.S. Army that be stationed in Han - 16 opportunity for combat are its convoy, accompany beautiful.

This B - 52 bomber take off from Guam Anderson air base that day morning, around flies into Korea territorial air midday, be in an Er with the Wu Shan air base south in the sky low altitude flies, border of the Han that spur government makes an appointment with 100 kilometers when recently.

The U.S. Army that be stationed in Han says in a statement, this flight task is the response that provokes action to Korea.

Let bomber act the part of the response, to the United States character, not scarce, b - 52 often also attend beautiful Han the joint military exercise, but, the U.S. Army lets B - 52 so public land fly across Korea, ground of such low altitude lets everybody see, release information so high-keyly again, very infrequent.

So, this one unusual practice, to what information put in be after all? Why be by B - the deliver person of 52 appropriative information?

[show is firm and affined]

Air force Xiaoneixi lieutenant general says Telunsiao of assistant commanding officer of commanding officer of group of the 7th aviation, the U.S. Army that be stationed in Han 10 days, b - the action aggrandizement of 52 the United States is right ally and companionate safe acceptance, showed guard (Korea) associated ability, the United States is affirmatory to the matters pertaining to defense of Korea indestructible.

When he elaborates the content of acceptance of matters pertaining to defense further, say, the United States includes the outspread deterrence power that provides jointly by groovy armament and nuclear umbrella to the safe acceptance of Korea.

Abstruse Xiaoneixi still says, the action shows the United States and positive-appearing image of Korea air force today in that way, working closely everyday with training, we get ready completely answer all menace that are aimed at ally.

[show blow ability]

B - 52 bomber are to be able to project the subsonic speed of nuke is long-range bomber, byname is stratospheric fort, ever jumped over executive carpet bombing to north in the period that jump over battle. The thalassic war period 1991, b - 52 loaded task of bomb of 4 didymous Iraq.

B - 52 can put in cruise missile, but cast bomb, can go to global each district to execute the mission through be being cheered in sky. Thalassic war period, b - 52 take off from American Louisiana city, american mainland is returned after going to Iraq to execute bomb mission, ever uninterrupted flight 35 hours.

In Kosovo war, Afghanistan war and Iraqi war, the U.S. Army uses B often also - 52.

[get exciting response]

because of its function, in Korea peninsula, b - 52 it is the sensitive type with a stimulating belt all the time.

After Korea announced to have nuclear test successfully the 3rd times in Feburary 2013, beautiful Han Yeceng has made similar flight show publicly, the main actor at that time besides B - 52, still have a more advanced B - 2 invisible bomber.

In beautiful Han of crucial in March 2013 make a decision in the joint military exercise, b - 52 appear again, cause Korea to pay close attention to closely. Korea foreign affairs saves a spokesman to say at that time, be in in Korea peninsula condition when approach fighting at close quarters contends for the brim, the United States expedites st

rategic nucleus to hit a weapon to Korea peninsula, be cannot provoke patiently.

With the month later on, u.S. Army B - 52 strategies bomber forms into columns to enter Korea and undertake in the light of Korea depth target nucleus of imitate actual combat attacks practice. Korea people army highest headquarters announces subsequently, the fieldpiece arms group that Korea includes strategic missile force and long-range artillery unit enters combat readiness to be on duty condition, its hit a target to include the United States, Korea and circumjacent area all enemy target.

April 2013, korea people army spokesman of the headquarters of the General Staff says, the United States sends B to Korea peninsula - 52, B - 2 model bomber and F - 22 model opportunity for combat, in submarine of nuclear power of deploy of the maritime space around and missile destroyer, with military affairs of actual combat sex the action is carried out be hostile to the policy of Korea, it is dangerous that Korea peninsula macrocosm never resembles be in nuclear war so today under, face the abominable situation of warlike on the verge of breaking out. (Ling Shuo) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

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