Violent wind of award of beautiful lottery head rises to be less than to probability of get the winning number in a bond of 500 million dollar be broken off by thunder

In new network report reported 6 days according to American media on January 7, ask the strong ball colour of the vessel certificate to this week of bonus continues with respect to nobody since last year November violent wind rises, reach the astonishing number of 500 million U.S. dollor. Strong ball opened Yu Meidong time 6 days award 10:59 late, after all who can be the favorite i

n taking large award bag, return wait and see what happens.

The award amount that sells Ling Jinqiu according to reporting approximately mad lottery rises once more, at present 6 days of evening open the strong ball bonus of award to had reached 500 million dollar, cash is gotten also reached 306 million dollar. This also is the 6th high premium.

Does the odds of that win a prize in a lottery have many small? Statistical data says is 292, 201, 338 than 1. Does this odds have many small? A person is broken off by lightning medium probability is 960 thousand 1/0, but far outclass is medium,this entirely is led large award. Nevertheless a lot of people still are willing to try luck, also be after all buy a dream. C

alculate bos award, pursue a Le Zi also be quite good.

If before your lottery 5 numbers are medium, in only the number of strong ball is done not have, also can win 1 million U.S. dollor so. If you are a bit more floriferous,money chose Powerplay option, criterion bonus breaks up times for 2 million U.S. dollor.

A few people feel and colleague collect money is bought can increase odds of win a prize in a lottery. Nevertheless in fact, although such your gout increase, but will tell from overall probability, increase 50 to 100 effect of total award scope is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation really.

Additional, lottery bureau official shows, if you want to collect money together with someone else,buy colour ticket, best and written say to be clear that bonus distributes kind, otherwise medium large award causes dispute however, that is bad.

If 6 days of Wan Jinqiu still do not have a large award, so 9 days of late bonus will again violent wind rises. March 2012, super big 1 million ever opened the large award besides 656 million dollar. And strong ball history on the biggest win the home to want restrospect to in May 2013, bear the palm person it is a Florida lady, bonus is 590 million dollar.

(Original title: Violent wind of award of beautiful lottery head rises to 500 million dollar: Probability of win a prize in a lottery is less than be broken off by thunder)

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