4745 fine needles are embedded to break Jinisi on American man body world record (graph)

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[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to the United States " He Fen pauses Post " reported on January 5, recently, a American man horses are repaired (the video that Matthew) body plugs 4745 fine needles is shared to be on the net, cause attention quickly.

American man horse is repaired (Matthew) body inserts 4745 fine needles

In video, the back after Matthew is whole and arm are embedded full thickly dotted fine needle, arrange orderly, distributing even, take off hedgehog of a human body alive. Transform expert Fox according to human body (Foxx) description, this kind of effect is not accomplished in one move, we begin this work from 2014, we invest 8 hours 12 minutes in all

at that time, wear 4550 pins in all, but Matthew is close to shock. Then, we cost nearly one year of time to make sufficient preparation again. They made the last attempt in December 2015, spend 9 hours 13 minutes in all, embed successfully on equestrian cultivate one's morality 4745 fine needles, break record of auspicious Nisi world.

Write a description according to the horse, their this action is record in for his name merely " encyclopedia of record of auspicious Nisi world " , hope to raise money however more capital, help the person with homeless more. (The exercitation compiles: Ding Dayan goes over a manuscript or draft: Zhu Ying library)

(Original title: 4745 fine needles are embedded to break Jinisi on American man body world record)

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