Descend near fowl-run of peaceful army helicopter frighten more than 2000 chicken dead (the spot pursues)

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opter frighten more than 2000 chicken dead (does the spot pursue) origin: ? Comfort?2016-01-26 08:4 of cangue  ⑼Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel [summary] know via understanding ability, the blast that is military helicopter generation so shakes to be brought about with noise.

Reference news net reported Thailand south the Song Dynasty blocks government office on January 26 (Songkhla) 23 day happening chicken are bizarre cruel kill incident, the blast that knows via understanding ability before is military helicopter generation shakes to be brought about with noise, the chicken that the in part exceeds inside the chicken run that allows to have 4500 chicken is frightened cruel kill, disastrous.

The picture originates " Bangkok Post "

According to Taiwan Dong Senxin hears the cloud to reported on January 25, the chicken inside fowl-run dies, because a helicopter is carrying out Thailand army at that time,be a task, and 300 meters of place are arranged around distance fowl-run descend, but exceed loud noise and strong air current to bring about c

hicken because of what give out fright is cruel kill.

Fowl-run host Charoon Boonla-iad is sad to this express, 4500 chicken died because of helicopter 2385, but helpless to this, never also had treated such condition, and worry die, cause bigger loss.

Basis " Bangkok Post " report, after personnel is informed this message related the army, also be in tertian return fowl-run to know a detail to Charoon Boonla-iad, and undertake assess a loss, final both sides agrees with an ancient unit of weight of 280 thousand peaceful (add up to 51 thousand yuan of RMB about) as compensation, charoon Boonla-iad also expresses, quite satisfactory to indemnity.

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