The United States confirms " Ba Sha Er is nonofficeholding plan " : Best nonofficeholding in March 2017

Occupy network of Russia satellite news 7 days to report, spokesman of American the State Council stalks or branch to be put in to mediate the working paper of Syrian condition than confirming American the State Council, er of Ba Sha of formulary appraise president 2017 nonofficeholding. Stalk or branch than saying: This is an abecedarian working pap

er and draft, it is a potential way that pushing, this one file is in pass round for perusal of interior of the State Council.

Associated press hereat before this file section that publish is paragraphic say, the United States thinks, ba Sha Er in March 2017 nonofficeholding it is optimal program. The file listed the main date that mediates Syrian problem in process of Vienna of the basis below U.N. leader. The plan of U.N. mentions Syria to will hold president and parliamentary election in August 2017 before this, but the may nonofficeholding date that did not advance Ba Sha Er. Say in the file, syria will hold presidential general election 2017. Stalk or branch than expressing at this point: This is not meant can hold.

Kerry will be in beautiful Secretary of State last year in December after Moscow interviews general Beijing, express to the reporter: The United States and its associate are not sought so called (Syria) political power alternate, let a Syrian civilian the future

that decides Syria this is considered as the United States to make major concession on Syrian problem. Personage of a few analysises thinks at that time, the United States already just appeared to the footing of Syrian problem major transition, or the position that abandons asking Ba Sha Er is nonofficeholding. (Li Lin of reporter of round-the-world times engage by special arrangement)

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