Atlantic storm " Frank " a lot of areas encounter assault England big calamity

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Scotland city Deng of Fulisi a lot of street be wided by the flood

According to the BBC (BBC)12 reports 31 days month, atlantic storm Frank assaults England, cause serious effect to England, Scotland and area of Northern Ireland part, cause pluvial disaster.

According to the report, the effect that Scotland suffers is most serious, with England adjacent Deng nots Reese (Dumfries) , Huoyike (Hawick) and skin are Boer this (hundreds other people of Peebles) is forced scattered. In the Lan Kaixia county of England north, electric power of thousands of family is supplied interrupt, dwellers still lie in serious flood warning.

Deng Fu the Ni Sihe near Reese (River Nith) happening definitely bank incident, bring about Deng Fu Reese city is wided.

In Northern Ireland, thousands of other people cuts off the power, the airliner gets incur loss through delay, arboreous dump brings about highway traffic to interrupt. In county of E

ngland north York, the Shi Qiao of a 18 centuries is in 29 days of cave ins, the soldier is scattered the dweller that lives around.

Local people was witnessed be located in Taidekasite to press down (Tadcaster) Wolfe river (the partial block on this Shi Qiao on River Wharf) falls into water, and pouring the tidal water to bank subsequently flee everywhere below concussion. Dwellers still smelled the flavour of natural gas leak, stone bridge cave in caused the rupture of cop transporting gas.

Meanwhile, gram of carat of chancellery of general affairs of British government community announces to gain batch of 50 million pound, use at helping the stricken be hit by a natural adversity dweller of England north and business organization. British government expresses, the government is already contributive 100 million pound, use at providing disaster relief.

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