Xi of American pregnant woman with a ha heats up dance video to have one's moment the network is pregnant to still will teach student to dance in July

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Be pregnant to often be meant to the female set his mind at to raise an embryo, be far from violent campaign inside period of time at least, be in the United States however, somebody slants should do exactly the opposite. According to " new York Post " report, a paragraph of pregnant woman jumps video of Xi haing orchestic has his moment on American network of late. Christina of coach of dancing of the heroine in video, Un

ited States Little is pregnant still stand fast when 7 months post, teach student to dance.

It is Christina of 28 years old to come from California city, began to learn to dance from 5 years old. Before be pregnant, the accept handkerchief high school that overcomes Lisidina to be in California place taught 11 years of dance, after be pregnant, she did not quit the job, had taught each study orchestic child hard however. Everyday the education of 4 hours makes psychosis of the Si Dina in the gram full, the life is rich. She is certain, although be pregnant to also should not stop to dance, dance can make fetal more healthy.

After video broadcasts, by tens of thousands the netizen is right Christina's behavior expresses to support. Many netizens express, during oneself are pregnant, not be dry likewise sitting to be not moved, the body that enters in one's power actively however takes exercise. The netizen that is called Chocococoaz says, oneself are pregnant still exercise when 89 months, go up in ran machine be good at go, or be go upstairs in imitate the fitness on

footplate machine of the movement. Netizen NRH says, she is pregnant 6 months when undertake natant, the sports activity such as gem gal, and happy amid. NRH still says, a large number of females are born one day that till the child still undertaking taking exercise.

However, while to the gram in most netizen Lisidina offers affirmation, whether is the action that also little part person oppugns her met a darling park that has not be born is dangerous in. Christina admits, such doubt lets her feel a worry: During a few people think the female is pregnant, disturbed still cent is very humiliating thing, more people feel pregnant woman should lie to be not moved. But the fact is, when you begin the course of be pregnant with, you can compare the able-bodied hundredfold that you imagine formerly.

Christina insists to think, oneself followed the note of pregnant woman strictly. She the mother that now is two children, the pregnancy before is experienced it is very clear to let her oneself body is some abler during be pregnant what. Christina thinks, unless the doctor points out hot dance with sth in one's hands is put in the risk really, do not have reason to abandon otherwise.

Jordan Little and Christina marry to already had 8 years, he expresses to support likewise to the behavior of the wife. Little says, the wife is in likewise when before the bosom two children dance, what she conceives this is the boy, he may be born to know how to should dance, two elder sisters that resemble him in that way.

Investigator discovery, moderate campaign is right during the woman is pregnant fetal do not have harm not only, can help pregnant woman reduce back ache instead, stimulative Morpheus. Expert proposal, pregnant woman has moderate strength everyday take exercise should control control in 30 minutes, if exceed a hour,compromise fetal growth possibly. (reporter king Zhuo Yi)

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