The United States announces to sell to Taiwan intense of the Fang Jiang in weapon of 1.83 billion dollar objects

Washington of China News Service Zheng Zeguang of undersecretary of electric China Ministry of Foreign Affairs will act under orders 16 days on December 16 call in United States is stationed in China diplomatic mission faces a times to install do Li Kai, the weaponry be related that announces to sell to Taiwan amount restrains 1.83 billion dollar with respect to American government just puts forward solemn and just bargaining to the United States.

According to message of website of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, zheng Zeguang pointed out that day, taiwan is Chinese territory impartible cut one share. Fang Jian objects the United States selling a weapon to Taiwan definitely in. Beautiful direction Taiwan sells the weapon violates law of nations and international relationship badly basic standard, disobey badly Sino-US principle of 3 combination bulletin, harm Chinese dominion and safe interest badly. To maintain national interest, square decision takes necessary step in, include to sell to participating in Taiwan of this beautiful direction the enterprise of the weapon implements sanction.

Zheng Zeguang emphasizes, anybody cannot shake the Chinese government and people defend state sovereignty and territorial integrity, sturdy v

olition that opposes foreign interference. Beautiful Fang Ke just is urged to defend in in Sino-US the specific commitment that makes in 3 combination bulletin, weapons of afore-mentioned carry out stage plan cancel, stop connection of beautiful stage military affairs, lest g

ive the cooperation of Sino-US relation and region of bilateral serious main points,cause damage further.

Local time 16 days, american government notifies parliament, already decided to sell to Taiwan amount is the weaponry of 1.83 billion dollar about. This is beautiful just be started 4 many years first large-scale pair of stage army carry out.

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