Argentina will appear continuously inside 12 hours 3 presidents join a state because of influence

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n the mark of the person that currently hold the post ofpresidential Christina to reject to join succession of leave one's post. Then, 12 hours of Neiagenting that hand over around in presidential power will appear 3 presidents.

In succession president mark. Xinhua News Agency (data chart)

Refresh president changes frequency record

The inaugural ceremony in mark predicts local time on December 10 midday 12 when (Beijing time this morning 11 when) hold, christina announces to reject to attend in the evening in 8 days. Not only such, christina still expresses, won't push oneself in gregarious media the presidential Zhang number that attends especially gives in mark, shen Ling latter begins from the beginning. This was 1983 since, argentina appears first ex-president refuses formal to succession person the situation that hands over influence.

The consequence that this kind of state causes is, argentina will be in the 12 marvellous spectacle that 3 presidents appear in the hour.

According to the convention, argentina is elected as a president to should be in on December 10 12 when make a pledge to assume office, leave off one's post the president attends those who be elected as a president to assume office ceremony, award crosier and ribbon to latter. And the Christina's president that should leave off his post immediately expresse

s, oneself presidential power should be in on December 9 23 when 59 minutes of ends, because this need not attend the inaugural ceremony in mark. This will be meant arrived at 0 o'clock from 10 days midday, the power vacuum that Argentina will appear 12 hours. According to Argentine constitution, the president cannot fulfill influence because of reason, vice president holds ginseng prolocutor concurrently to hold the position of acting president. If latter also appears vacancy, criterion by join prolocutor, numerous president temporarily ordinal replace presidential exercise power.

Via trying hard with all possible means, argentine supreme court made provide technical adjudication quite 9 days midday, christina at 9 days 23 when leave off his post formally 59 minutes president, by consult long Pineituogen sets fill power vacuum to hold the position of according to constitution temporarily temporarily president, till in 10 days of noonday mark take office as a president formally. Namely inside 12 hours, argentina will appear continuously 3 presidents, refresh president changes frequency record. After crisis of Argentine 2001 economy erupts, this country ever appeared the two political field miracles that 5 presidents changed inside Zhou Zhi.

Two people are contradictory and ceaseless after general election

Argentina is new old the contradiction between two presidents has symptom of a trend early actually.

Christina expects originally Daniel is like benefit succession president, be like benefit to be in the 2nd round of election November 22 unexpectedly lose accidentally. Subsequently, christina rolled out the finance that involves the government, congress, field such as security to plan, be pointed to give the give sb tight shoes to wear-make things hard for sb by abusing one's power in mark in cold blood, create difficulty to latter government. Ever said in mark: It seems that, (She) the plan is in have sex period make obstacle and trouble more to new government as far as possible. The president makes such choice, make a person regretful really. The behavior in the end that all flatter oneself that she makes can hurt our government can harm all Argentine civilian.

And difference also exists on the two people site selection in inaugural ceremony. Christina is quite popular in congress, ask to inaugural ceremony is held in congress in mark with respect to take advantage of an opportunity. Nevertheless, plan to respect a tradition in mark, make a pledge to assume office in place of presidential official residence. Saliva war escalates subsequently, christina says him to have to the courtesy in mark add, be opposite however in mark him shout.

Argentine media says, christina's president does not cooperate to more or less may contain the mood that not reconciled to fails. Arrive from 2003 after all 2015, christina and marital Jishenneier hold the position of a president to be as long as 12 years by turns, times of the Si Dina in the gram that they create with one's own hands with its hard waves leave.

It is reported, christina expresses clearly already, senator will be participated 2017, entered presidential general election again 2019.

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