Of earthy president child deny Russia accusation: I did not trade with IS oil (graph)

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According to Turkey A accept much Lu news agency (Anadolu Agency) report, local tim

e 8 days, the son Bilaeraierduoan of Turkey president Aierduoan (Bilal Erdogan) accepting " Italian late Post " (Corriere Della Sera) oneself and Mohammedan country are denied when interviewing (IS) undertake oil trade.


Go up 28 days month, demitelipeisikefu of Russia Kremlin spokesman ever expressed, bilaeraierduoan is suspected of undertaking oil trade with IS, say Russia respect had mastered the evidence that contrabands about oil.

To the view of Russia respect, turkey president Aierduoan ever gave when going up 30 days month deny. This month 3 days, the concerned accusation that he criticizes Russia in televised speech is immoral, state Turkey has evidence to prove the illegal oil of Muscovite be involved in and IS trades at the same time.

Before this, turkey is in down of earthy appraise border land Russia revive - 24 opportunity for combat, this incident also brings about relation of Russian earth two countries to become nervous.

Censure in the light of what be contrabanded by oil of IS of be involved in, bilaeraierduoan is being accepted " Italian late Post " (Corriere Della Sera) when interviewing, express, he and IS oil trade wide of the mark.

He expresses: (Russia spokesman) say me to come from Dayisha from entrance of harbor of outstanding Yi Han (the another namer of IS) oil, this message also appears in the press of the whole world. But what I want t

o say is, I and this kind of oil trades be without correlation.

Be Bilaeraierduoan of 34 years old is the young son of Turkey president Aierduoan, once coiled be buried ear has corrupt scandal firstly. Current, he is making an appointment with university of writing suddenly Pu Jinsi Boluoniya divides a campus to assiduously study a doctor's degree.

Da Yisha places my religious belief in a baleful position, they are Osmanli enemies, they cannot be represented Mohammedan, I also do not think they are Moslem. Bilaer expresses, turkey is north makes an appointment with member country, if Turkey helps Dayisha, do you feel north dates not to know? Turkey works in what do now even if with other associate country and ally strengthen cooperation. Contrary, we do not know what Russia is doing after all in Syria however.

Current, the country such as the United States, France, England, Russia is having air attack to the IS of Syrian churchyard. For better blow terroristic, the country such as the United States, Russia expresses to hope Turkey closes the border of its and Syria.

This month 3 days, russia minister of foreign affairs thanks Er to build Lafuluofu in Saierweiya Beiergelaide enters the capital the 22nd Europe safety and collaboration are organized (Ou An is organized) session of minister of foreign affairs.

To this, bilaer expresses, turkey is in all the time make great effort to strengthen border land management.

Line of Osmanli border land has 900 kilometers to grow, we strengthen management in effort all the time, but difficulty also is very great. Bilaer says, we suggest in border area open up an amortize is taken, can facilitate border land manages not only so, also can receive the refugee likewise. But unfortunate is, other country did not listen attentively to our proposal.

Be worth what carry is, turkey appeals in earthy appraise border land establishs no-fly zone all the time before this, but Russia respect offers to hold negative position to this however.

Who knows this is why. Bilaer says, turkey and Russia are companionate also be neighbour, I think this one problem can be solved, but if we seek our increase only, so I do not think this one problem can get settlement. (reporter Wang Yonghuan)

Original title: Of Turkey president child deny Russia accusation: I did not trade with IS oil

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