United States of the discharge outside afraid technology is urgent ask for to Cuba " be lost " missile

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American media explodes 7 days makings say, the missile of clearing of a Tartarean fire that the United States carries past Europe is used at training is carried come by accident Cuba, cause the leak outside U.S. Army technology.

After this, the United States just tries to answer this missile to Cuba all alone for many times, but fail to succeed all the time.

[a strange combination of circumstances]

The United States " wall street daily " public figures of 7 days of know the inside story that publish a full name with wishing are news source, expose to the sun an incident of wrong destination of this missile carry. Subsequently, another American official that rejects public full name confirms this matter to associated press.

Introduce according to personage of know the inside story, the United States carried to did not mount the missile of Tartarean fire clearing of warhead toward Spain first half of the year 2014, the war that is used at attending a North Atlantic Treaty Organization trains. After the task that finish, this missile flounder is gone to from Spanish carry Germany, France, according to plan general from city of Florida of United States of French Paris carry back.

However, this missile is in airport of Dai Gaole of Parisian summer Er to be served plane of airline of a France by ground of a strange combination of circumstances however, fly to Cuba capital Havana.

Realize when many official missile is installed when wrong plane, when be late already. Although this missile did not lade warhead, but beautiful the discharge outside just fearing U.S. Army science and technology suffers, and Cuba may reveal relevant technique the state such as Russia, Korea.

After this, the United States ju

st is sought all the time to Cuba all alone answers this m

issile, heretofore did not win a success.

[investigate the fact]

Missile of this Tartarean fire by American Losk Heed - Martin company is made, make an appointment with 45 kilograms again. As we have learned, this is control and guide of a kind of laser is antitank clearing missile, can lade in Apaji helicopter or the person that prey atttacks ground shift target on unmanned aircraft, it is the United States uses the most frequent missile.

In June 2014, losk Heed - Martin company reported to American the State Council carry by accident missile incident. Insider says, this missile is in carriage process after many pass on, be in charge of by business of different acceptance of consignment.

American judiciary is investigating this matter, it is in order to find out pure after all belong to error, still involve baleful filch. If be hind a kind of case, disobey the United States " weapon exit controls a standard " , cuba suffers American sanction probably accordingly.

Go up century since 559 time, the United States is adopted to Cuba all the time be hostile to policy, block of executive economy, finance and commercial embargo. In December 2014, the United States and Cuba announce to restart process of bilateral relationship normalization. In July 2015, 54 years are lain between to rebuild when both sides ambassadorial class foreign relations.

Notable is, tartarean fire missile is used at hitting Mohammedan state of late extreme organization and terrorist have effect quite, demand exceeds supply in global limits, sell out of stock even. The United States plans to raised the yield of Tartarean fire missile further 2016. (Yang Shuyi) (stalk of grain especially Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

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