American air attack beats dead the partner that Paris fears raiding chief instigator: Engineering new assault

On November 26 message, belgian police releases Mohamed Abrini photograph. He heads for freeway gas station of Paris now at will be being witnessed to go out on November 11, fear raiding suspect Sa to pull Heabodule with Paris - Salamu takes a car in all. Belgian police releases global order for arrest.

In report will occupy new network on December 30 beautiful intermediary report, american department of defense expresses 29 days, horror of a Paris beats dead to assault the partner of chief instigator in American air attack in Syria, this are M

ohammedan country (Islam

ic State) member has human net in Europe, and the new assault that is aimed at the west in the plan.

American official call this person name Mu Adan (Charaffe Al Mouadan) , but did not show he and Abawude (the real concern of Abdelhamid Abaaoud) . Abawude is a terrorist that is born in Belgium, be suspected to will be on November 13 the coordinator that Parisian horror assaults. Parisian assault causes 130 people death. French police counted day to shoot dead Abawude in large-scale gunfight after assault.

Abawude ever headed for Syria and join Mohammedan state, go finally an Europe, engineered Parisian assault. The United States leads return Mohammedan country allied spokesman Wo Lun (Steven Warren) expresses in Iraq, on December 24 the Mu Adan of the get killed in Syria of American air attack and A Ba Wude have direct connection, at the same time he is aimed at new assault of the west in active plan.

Mu Adan this year 26 years old, be born in Paris Bondy of the suburb northeast, parents is a Moroccan. He is grown in a town around. Over, he becomes Amimuer (the cater-cousin of Samy Amimour) .

According to familiar Paris assaults the personage introduction of investigation, amimuer is one of charger of 3 suicide type, the Badakelan that they will be in Paris in November (Bataclan) odeum kills 90 people.

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