9 people rape India by turns kill its 7 people are sentenced after 28 years old of women gallows

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Courtyard of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household rapes India by turns appallingly 21 days together murder enters a judgement, sentence 7 men gallows. In carrying out 9 criminal that rape by turns, a man has committed suicide die; Another still is minor, awaiting farther trial.

This year Feburary, a Nepalese woman of 28 years old in Indian north Na Bangluo tower overcomes Ha Liya rape by turns and city is murdered by, its remains meets with dismemberment. Amount to Dawaer's view according to Indian judge SK, the gimmick of the person that violate is extremely cruel, I go 30 years never had contacted such bloodcurdling cases. " times of Indian Si Tan " report, the victim has depressed symptom before, because this goes to Indian sister wife and children,live beguilement. The person that be informed 7 to violate is sentenced after capital punishment, the dead's family expressed to loosen at a heat. India rapes murder frequency hair in recent years, cause remonstrant unrest for many times. Xin Deli is black 2012 public transportation a when rape terminal case by turns minor convict is sentenced 3 years to imprison, 20 days of punishment are full

this month get-off, bring about controversy.

(original title: Imprint 7 people rape homicide by

turns to obtain gallows)

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