Ka Zafei's son kidnaps there is the mark that be hit on the face in Lebanon (graph)

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Login register Ka Zafei of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian's son to kidnap there is the mark that be hit on the face in Lebanon (graph) origin: ? ?2015-12-12 15:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] son Hannibaer Kazafei of Kazafei is kidnapped 11 days, but in the get-off after meeting with bind several hours

In report will report new net integratedly on December 12, personage of message of Lebanon security unit says, deceased Libyan before the son Hannibaerkazafei of leader Ka Zafei (Hannibal Kadhaf

i) is kidnapped 11 days local time, but in the get-off after meeting with bind several hours.

Data chart: Hannibaerkazafei

Video presentation Han Ni has black-and-blue mark on Ba Er face

A message personage discloses, lebanon police rescues Hannibaer, predict to will undertake to its interrogatory. Message personage did not make clear those who show Hannibaer to be re

scued place.

Another message personage says, hannibaer local time 11 days of evening get stuck in Lebanon shellfish (Bekaa) area kidnaps by a flock of armed elements, be in same area subsequently get-off.

Report, hannibaer is 10 days enter Lebanon the eastpart part from Syria when Bei Ka area sees his Lebanon wife, be kidnapped by a group of armed element. Lebanon TV station broadcasted a paragraph of video after Hannibaer is bound 11 days late, will look from the picture, there is the mark that has been made on his face. The healthy and very good humor that nevertheless Hannibaer says him in video is good also very loosen. Hannibaer is the 5th son of Kazafei, escaped 2011 Libyan, begin to accept the political asylum of Oman later.

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