Aobama today " is qualitative case of " California pop avoids talk about word of " terrorist "

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The message will occupy Beijing of center extensive network on December 7 Chinese sound " news freely " report, since this year, horrible organization makes astonishing bloody raid often, interlink of Paris of incident of Russian plane explosion, France fears raiding file of pop of California of incident, United States, more the report expresses recently, a file shows Thailand, with the Syria that Mohammedan country concerns armed element has slipped into Thailand 10, premeditate launch horrible assault, already long-standing terroristic never resemble so rampant now spread.

3 happen in American California emperor case of pop of city of Bei Nadi Nuo brings about emperor of American California city Beinadinuo casualty of at least 35 people. To California pop, extreme organization is Mohammedan the country is high-key a few days ago allege, two gunman of production pop incident are the epigone of IS. This sits it seems that solid the reel off raw silk from cocoons between pop case and horrible assault pares the correlation of chrysalis.

Nevertheless, american government attitude up to now careful still. After IS issues statement, american the White House says two gunman in this case have stimulate developmental tendency, but the member that shows without evidence two people are any organizations. American president Aobama says in weekly routine televised speech, the United States won't be threatened by California pop case. To two charger, aobama call his Bolshevik and dangerous character, special escape the word of terrorist.

Aobama says: This tragedy reminds us to want to do his best to defend our community safety jointly. In those two killer of Shengbeinadinuo, used weapon of aggressiveness of for military use, warlike weapon, will kill can as far as possible much person. This is remind Thespianly. Be in the United States, masty thinks of to take firearms is too easy to do really. Say for example, banning even those the person on flying list to be able to walk into a shop to buy a gun now. This is really mad. It is very dangerous to if a person is allowed to ascend repeatedly,board a plane, this person is allowed to buy firearms is not more dangerous. So I appeal congress stems now this flaw. We cannot prevent tragic happening possibly each cases, but we should not give at least potential terrorist or convict offers such convenience, make them OK take a gun to shoot easily.

Current, still continueing about the relevant investigation of California pop case. The FBI still presses terroristic behavior to launch

investigation to this incident, the reason has evidence to show experience case suspect has just about stimulate evolution the tendency and suffer foreign horror to organize the possibility with incendiary thought. Rice of FBI director division expresses: This made the case of federal terroristic investigation of FBI dominant. The reason is to undertake up to now investigation shows the murderer gets become acute, the likelihood is organized by foreign horror incendiary. Show without evidence so far, the murderer belongs to any larger organizations, or a of some organization, show without evidence they belong to any networks.

The lingering sound of report of a gun of American California not disappear, on across Europe mainland, terrorist st

ill is in ready to do sth. Local time 5, british London was in subway station to happen to hold a knife to atttack incident, the person that the message shows do violence shouts in the spot for Syria.

After incident happening, british police announces to handle this to have assault by horrible incident. England " defend a newspaper " more the report says, paris fears raiding the chief instigator of the case to there also may be contact person in England. Report to if cite fears an official instead, express, after England is being slipped into before this Mohammedan country organizes armed personnel a few months, be in respectively London and meeting of Birmingham and other, with him the person of meeting has intent and ability to organize plan or assistance to begin terror in England.

And the Thailand in the Asia, an information weighed Thailand police a few days ago, 10 Syrians that organize Mohammedan state-owned correlation with the extreme will enter Thailand in October, tourist of put-up assault Russia waits for a target, information says, bank of Ba of past seaside city is elegant before there are 4 people in afore-mentioned Syrian suspects, 2 people head for Pu Jidao, 2 people head for Bangkok, destination of additionally 2 people is unidentified.

Christmas day of western convention red-letter day will come, multilateral and safe situation makes a person can care. Li Shaoxian of expert of problem of dean of academy of Arabia of Ningxia university China, middle east expresses, this Christmas, need to be on guard all the more alone wolf type and the horrible assault that organize a gender in a small way.

Li Shaoxian thinks, after Paris fears a case, the horrible menace that just is faced with on the west upgrades apparently. IS expands more through a year, had extended antenna core state of Europe. Happened 9 this years in the past a series of horrible assault incident, basic it is alone of wolf type. But Parisian series fears a case is not apparently alone of wolf type, have an organization however. If still take a wolf to compare, it is group of wolf type. Christmas is forthcoming, because flower beauty is geographical advantage, the likelihood is on guard closer, so these two kinds horror makes a surprise attack is a tremendous menace to Euramerican country.

Make a surprise attack to horror, it may be said of Euramerican each country is turn pale at the only mention of sth terrible, install inspect to defend the job dare not treat sth lightly more, but even if is such, why horrible assault still emerges in endlessly, impossible to defend effectively? To this, academy of relation of Chinese contemporary international fears central director Li Wei thinking instead, its proponent, epigone has the call a few horror assault an activity, organize an influence likely henceforth to expand as Mohammedan country, this kind of case may happen a few more morely. So the likelihood is on guard that one horrible event that difficulty comparing resembles French Paris is a few more difficult, because these people are likely as horrible as the international outside the condition force does not have direct connection and contact, difficulty is greater when discovering so.

In international observation looks, since Parisian horror assault happens, extreme element is invigorated it seems that by some kind, be in Europe again and again the United States is made or big or minor incident. From staking killing hostage starts group of wolf type to fear raiding to alive bound each district, go to Europe from Syria, the United States and even Asia, no matter be close enemy far still enemy, already made the punching bag of Mohammedan country.

Pass a few minutes again, namely Beijing time 7 days morning at 9 o'clock, aobama will be published in elliptic office about pop case investigation newest evolutional speaks, after California pop, american general how qualitative, how will go out again enrol the horrible and minatory situation that answers as one falls? This, can Aobama take out the hits Mohammedan state strategy of an effective?

(original title: Aobama is qualitative now California pop case avoids talk about terrorist word)

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