Muggsy Bogues, one-time minor league baseball player, turns 50

Muggsy Bogues, a fan favorite during his 14 years as an NBA point guard, turned 50 years old on Friday.The 5-3 dynamo played his best seasons with the Charlotte Hornets (the original incarnation, of course). That, you knew. But did you know Bogues dabbled in minor-league baseball? Well, kind of.  The summer after his fourth season with the Hornets, Bogues played one game in the Texas Rangers’ organization, for the Class A Gastonia Rangers. How did that happen, you ask? George Shinn, the Hornets’ owner, also owned the club in Gastonia, which is about 22 miles west of Charlotte on Interstate 85.And every minor-league owner loves a good ticket-selling promotion. So Bogues played second base for a couple innings on June 21, 1991. He struck out twice, and according to his page , he didn’t have a fielding chance while playing second base.The basketball-inclined star of that game, though, was Dell Curry, Bogues’ sharp-shooting teammate on the Hornets. See, Curry was actuall

y drafted by the Orioles (in the 14th round of the 1985 draft ) and had a pretty decent arm. Curry pitched three innings of that game and struck out four batters . He gave up three hits, a walk and a run. Pretty impressive.Anyway, happy birthday, Muggsy.

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