Russia receives imprest of oil of Chinese a huge sum beautiful intermediary: Provide timely help

Jan 9, 2022 上海后花园1314

Reference news net will report beautiful intermediary says on November 17, russia received the imprest of oil of a huge sum that China pays recently. Local media says what receive to the place after Russian punish to this is the west gold of foreign capital of sea of the biggest brushstroke. This a huge sum of money can help Russia state-owned company runs and basically improve financial standing greatly. China is more than already help sb generously with money, for Russia provide timely help.

The website of phonic broadcasting station that occupies the United States will report on November 17, the financial forms for reporting statistics that oily company publishs Luosishi recently shows, the 3rd quarter got this the biggest Russia oil company 996.5 billion ruble (about 97.26 billion RMB) oil imprest. The market analyses a personage to think, this is Chinese place pay buy Russia petrolic imprest. The agreement between the government that signs according to bilateral 2013 place and oil trade contract, russia will increase in 25 years of indrawn China supply 360 million tons of crude oil, be less than 15 million tons every year about, contract total amount is as high as 270 billion dollar. General Beijing president ever disclosed at that time, the imprest amount that China should pay is as high as 70 billion dollar (about 445.9 billion RMB) .

The report says, after the west implements sanction to Russia, russia business is harder financing is leasehold, the imprest of this a huge sum that Chinese place pays is all in all to Russia. Russia media says, this is the biggest trait that place of company of the Russia after Wu

Kelan crisis erupts achieves overseas financing, this will conduce to Luo Sishi oily company maintaining good financial standing, help this company repay a huge sum borrows money.

The report says, china already was not first time aids general Beijing in the moment of truth a helping hand. When 2005, china is same provided fund of 6 billion dollar in order to pay the means of oil imprest Xiang Luosi Petroleum Company, make Luo Sishi oily company can successful inside very short time thereby forcibly cheap buy Youkesishi business of mainstay of oily company subordinate, for crumple up of general capital group oily company offerred Youkesishi crucial help.

The report says, before this, china marchs Russia energy market, the attempt that tries to buy equity of Russia energy company is successional be rebuffed, get the obstruct of Russia government.

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analyses a personage Rukefusiji thinks, russia has at present beg at China should exceed China to need to Russian place.

Rukefusiji: China now is the commerce associate with the mainest Russia. But to China, russia is not main commerce country of China, although Russia is in before commerce can be emited into in companionate country 10 of China. Although China needs the sources of energy of Russia, oil and natural gas, but Chinese the sources of energy imports diversity, russia also is not is China is mixed exclusively main energy supplier.

Original title: Russia receives imprest of oil of Chinese a huge sum beautiful intermediary: Provide timely help

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