The scientist discovers solar system to this day most brim celestial bodies is apart from the ground 16 billion kilometer

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Will report on November 12 according to network of Russia satellite news, the astronomer that comes from the United States discovered be apart from the celestial bodies with solar system most distant center up to now, the distance of this one celestial bodies and sun is 103 times of the earth about, of Pluto 3 times the left and right sides, distance earth makes an appointment with 16 billion kilometer.

The report says, this celestial body diameter that name V774101 is in about 500 arrive between 1000 kilometre, size has the in part of Pluto only, its detector is to come from Washington Carnegie the astronomer of the academy Scot Xue handkerchief heart. He expresses, he and colleague counted Zhou Qian to discover this one celestial bodies when having deep space observation, specific place belongs to this spherical and the course that run still is not clear about at present.

Xue handkerchief heart expresses, if this one celestial bodies is in the process that continues to move unlike now more stand by the sun, can maintaining it so is to belong to Aoerte the celestial bodies of the cloud. But if this celestial bodies will be moved to be apart from the sun by observation henceforth the distance of less than of 50 astronomical unit, so it should be the celestial bodies that belongs to Ke Yibai to take periphery disperse.


He expresses, continue the time that the process of observation still needs one year at least, if this one celestial bodies is not running Yi of the Xiang Ke in the process,uncle belt is stood by, so result of this one observation will be very interesting. It learns Xiang Tianwen the home people the spherical of solar system periphery that announces not to suffer planetary gravitation to affect further runs the rule.

Original title: Astronomer discovers solar system up to now most brim celestial bodies is ap

art from the earth 16 billion kilometer

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