Paris fears Xi Xi attacking eyewitness to call odeum the instant by " blood is washed " body everywhere

Julien Pearce is a reporter, he is in fitly at that time odeum spot, at that time at 9 o'clock 35 or at 9 o'clock 40 the left and right sides has two to 3 people you come, begin to take gun chaos to shoot, among them a person is taking a machine gun. Odeum has on 1000 people to watch rock-and-roll of Eagles Of Death Metal about at that time the show of the team, when the climax that at that time is a show.

He says, grab lasted 10 to 15 minutes. Their area became ample bullet, went up 3 4 second bullet. Their pikestaff is held in the palm go up in the shoulder, gadarene shoot. Subsequently we hide at the bac

k of arena, but road stemmed, take the advantage of the space of the bullet on them, we seek emergency treatment passage rapidly, come out to see blood is

on body of the people on the ave, the cut that is hit by bullet is on the body.

Another eyewitness that watchs a show mentions 3 charger, say everybody crouchs, after hearing report of a gun, depress go. That evening the performance is very hot, the person is particularly much. Heard them to hit later 20 to 30 hair bullet, they shoot in disorder, I still see a machine gun (Fusil D'assault) . I am stepping on a body, it is blood everywhere. On the street, see a lot of people that are beaten dead.

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