Just hope general election is helpful for promoting remote country transition in time of Burmese general election

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Beijing of China News Service report is comprehensive on November 2 message: Burmese will be about to hold countrywide general election on November 8, get the widespread attention of international society. China is stationed in Burmese ambassador sonorous express, hope this general election can be helpful for promoting Burmese country transition to be advanced smoothly ahead.

China was stationed in Burmese embassy respect 1 day to announce sonorous ambassador to accept TV station of Burmese day network to interview with content of transcribe video speech. He is main in the speech relation of the remote in refer and Burmese general election.

Sonorous express, burmese be about to greet general election, this is an important matter in process of Burmese country transition. He says, china serves as friendly neighbouring country and afterbirth wave brother, believe Burmese capable to hold the general election that succeeds smoothly.

Sonorous say, just expect in Burmese each political parties and groups can be acted on while democracy competes include cooperative spirit, appropriate handles the difficulty that faces jointly and challenge. He still says, we appeal any outside force do not interfere election process, international society should build favorable external environ

ment for Burmese country transition.

When the remote in speaking of concerns, sonorous express, after transition of the Burmese 2010 country that start, remote relation faces new situation in. 2011, wu Dengcheng's president had successful state visit to China, remote establishs relationship of overall strategy partner in. This indicates friendly collaboration strode the remote in the move new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, in two countries important milestone sense is had on relation history.

Sonorous say, in recent years, high level of remote two countries interacts in frequent, political communication increasingly grow in quantity, two army communication is very active, effect of each domain collaboration is distinct, china already became state of origin of the associate of Burmese the largest trade, biggest foreign capital. Friendly collaborati

on is remote in progress of Burmese economy society, people is born vivid improvement to make more and more outstanding contribution.

Sonorous express, the course that the remote in reviewing concerns 65 years, two countries relation obtains good progress, as a result of,be in the peaceful coexistence that remote holds to two countries to be advocated jointly from beginning to end 5 principles, mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual help, mutual support.

Sonorous bless Burmese people heartily in the speech, wish Burmese greet a more good future. He says, this also is the objective that friendly collaboration place pursues the remote in advancing.

The month on Burmese government reiterates, burmese will hold general election as scheduled. According to early before the election news that announce, burmese and mutual 92 political parties are registered participate, hold political federal consolidates with development party (consolidate sends a party) as democratic as whole nation of the greatest opposition alliance (civilian alliance) all on choose 1000 candidate attend various parliament assemblyman to enter into an election contest. (Be over)

Original title: Square hope general election is helpful for promoting remote country transition to be advanced smoothly in shortly of Burmese general election

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