Russia amnesty evens more 225 thousand person comes 15 years scale is the largest

Jan 10, 2022 魔都新茶论坛

According to Russia media coverage, the amnesty job that Russia has to celebrate two conquer benefit 70 years already neared end, predict to will more than 225 thousand person obtains amnesty.

According to now Russia news agency 24 days of messages, russian home Du Ma (the courtyard below the parliament) the decision that amnesty has during approval will defend national warlike victory 70 years through be in this year in April. Need 6 months time by the plan, already neared end at present. Punishment carries out the Russian federal of the administer below Russian judiciary bureau general announces figure of final amnesty personnel 27 days this month. Predict to will have even more finally 225 thousand person accords with amnesty condition. The message says, this second amnesty will come nearly 15 years scale is the largest for Russia. There is media to express before this, this amnesty will be involved 350 thousand to 400 thousand person.

This amnesty basically does not exceed 5 years in the light of term of imprisonment, crime lighter or the guilty suspect that belongs to moderate rate, crime be accusinged is accepting adjudgement to reach the person that be sentenced first, the person that include pair of nation have rendered great service among them, person that has joined to guard national war, ever was in Afghanistan or other happening war of official of the person that martial conflict country enlists in army, Ceng Can extra buses or trains and north are Caucasian the person that fears the move instead, Ceng Rong is obtained Russia and.

The female that the minor, woman that has minor children or deformity children, pregnant woman, male that had not carried out the odd dear father that is aimed at minor criminality, age more than 55 years old and age exceed 50 years old, one

kind is mixed 2 kinds of disableds, 3 period with 4 period cancer patient, . This amnesty does not apply to the person that commits serious crime and habitual offender.

Since 1994 Russia already carried out amnesty 18 times, involve more than 300 thousand person in all. The dimensions before this was May 2000 the biggest during the war that defend a country wins 55 years, condone o

f Communist Labor University exceeds 200 thousand person. (reporter Zhang Jiye, edit Wang Yu, client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story)

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