Aobama announces to defer Afghanistan to remove army plan north makes an appointment with secretary-general to nod assist

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According to French international broadcast broadcasting station will report on October 15, the United States local time on October 15, beautiful president Aobama announces, major 2016 while will maintain 9800 U.S. Armies in Afghanistan, in its when lieutenancy at the expiration of one's term of office is nonofficeholding 2017, 5500 U.S. Armies will still be withheld in Afghanistan. Aobama expresses, won't let Afghanistan make the home of the terrorist that atttacks the United States.

North makes an appointment with secretary-general the Afghanistan after Situoertengbeige congratulates Aobama to delay is removed army decision. Situoertengbeige expresses, this important decision can make north make an appointment with ally and partner to cont

inue to stay behind Afghanistan. He still expresses, in a few weeks of future, to carry out peace keeping task of place better, north is made an appointment with will make important and decision-making. Situoertengbeige points out, north makes an appointment with the consideration henceforth to be able to be based on the contribution that the United States makes to this.

The report says, senior official says an American government that did not disclose a full name, aobama plans from arrive currently the major while 2016, maintain the United States in Afghan garrison in current 9800 people, 5500 people will reduce when leaving off his post in January 2017.

Aobama 2014 Ceng Chengnuo, recall to the end of 2016 all army in Afghanistan, be stationed in Afghan embassy to retain the lash-up unit of a 1000 people in the United States only. He expresses at that time, the United States should 2001 that one page of Afghan war turns over the past. American military affairs intervenes Afghanistan is the horrible assault that gets to respond to the United States.

American official shows, before amending this plan, a few months was passed between general of military affairs of the White House, department of defense and battlefield commander and Afghan official consultative. Before this, afghan army defeats Taliban for a time Bolshevik, lost pair of northern cities to offspring person control counterpoises.

It is reported, leave 5500 U.S. Army soldiers that be stationed in to will distributing the Bagelamu around Kabul (the Bagram) , Gulalabade of the eastpart part (the Kandaha of Jalalabad) and south (. Aobama points out, although the garrison in Afghanistan is not much, but the U.S. Army's existence can cause real change. The U.S. Army will still assume two jobs only, hit namely terroristic, mix in class of blow tower benefit base horror organizes a respect to be offerred for Afghan army groom, adviser and aid


Nevertheless, ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia of cite of Russia news agency expresses, the decision that is stationed in more army leaves in Afghanistan to the United States whether alleviate situation represents this state suspicion.

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