Turkey holds funerary earth government to find out prime criminal for explosive case victim

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In report will occupy new network on October 13 outside intermediary report, turkey premier amounts to Wuteao Lu censures say, mohammedan country (IS) is the prime criminal that causes the An Ka that nearly 100 people die to press explosive case. Additional, the funeral of a lot of victims is held in 12 days.

Still claim to be in charge of to this explosion case without any organizations at present. But Turkey government thinks, in having team of petition of peace of interfuse of aggressor of two suicide bomb, carried out explosion.

The victim number that the government announces is 97 people, but the group that the organization parades this shows, actual number of the victim is 128 people.

Federation of Turkey official labor (the many organizations such as KESK) and kiss the Democratic Party of people of political party of library a group of things with common features (HDP) proponent decides 10 days formerly at explosive spot assembly, requirement authorities and party of worker of library Er heart (cease-fire of PKK) armed element. But make an appointment with local time in the morning 10 when 05 minutes, meeting site produces explosion.

This explosive case also causes people to be opposite the dissatisfaction of measure of Turkey government security, political parties and groups of Turkey be out of office also will explode to the government ascribe to Mohammedan country expresses to suspect.

But Turkey premier amounts to Wuteao Lu exp

resses, detect through DNA technology, turkey government is about to affirm one of aggressor of two suicide sex. He says, this will be found out is which organization responsible to case of this detonate blast.

Before this, he ever said Mohammedan country, Kuerde arms to be organized with ultra-Left capable to carry out this kind of attack.

Turkey conjecture of a few media, a Mohammedan country the member's brother should be one of aggressor of this suicide bomb. Member Ceng Yu will be in that Mohammedan country in July Su Lu of town of Turkey south border overcomes production explosion case, cause more than 30 people to die.

Investigation personage thinks, the exploder of this explosion case and the explosive proposal July are very similar.

According to the letter, this the explosive case of Ankala happening is the most severe explosion case on Turkey history. But Turkey premier amounts to Wuteao Lu Shui, these explosive assault won't turn Turkey into the 2nd Syria.

(original title: Turkey holds funerary earth government to find out prime criminal for exp

losive case victim)

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