In doubt of female of a Japan is like square distrain Japanese daughter is emissary

Jan 11, 2022 上海后花园论坛

Chinese sequestered doubt is like latest news of Japanese female spy: In square distrain female of a Japan, suspect its are engaged in espial. According to Japan joint company will report on October 11, a Japanese female of many years old 50 will be in Shanghai this year in June by arrest. Japanese newsletter company says, this woman doubt is like be engaged in espial. " morning sun news " the website discloses, this woman ties Chinese record formerly, added Japan book later, it is civilian personage, the likelihood is emissary.

Go up lunar base, because be engaged in espial be in Liaoning and Zhejiang to be arrested respectively,day intermediary exposure has 3 Japanese. So far, the doubt that is arrested this year is like Japanese spy to already amounted to 4 people.

Japanese newsletter company says, the circumstance fact that because be suspected of spy,commit a crime in Chinese Japanese and is arrested in succession is belonged to infrequent. Joint company reports, 4 people already by arrest longer, japanese government is intensifying collecting information to be released in order to seek.

To in female of square sequestered Japan, japanese government denies outward country to send any spy from beginning to end. On September 30, magisterial Jian Yiwei is in Japanese official room when response China arrests two Japan spy to report, claim our country won't do this kind of business absolutely, to all country treat equally without discrimination. Zong Xin

Outspread read: In Japanese response incident of

female of square sequester

ed Japan: Former department of exposure of data of identity of female of square sequestered Japan is medium in denying clique spy to go to China citizenship (graph) in reason of female of square sequestered Japan is sealed sequestered already in May 2 doubt are like Japanese spy

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