Beautiful official calls Russia 4 cruise missile fall into Iranian churchyard Russia to just be denied

Anonymous American official discloses 8 days, russia from Caspian Xiang Xuli inferior Syrian cruise missile, 4 fall into Iranian churchyard, do not be clear about temporarily cause casualties.

Will report on October 9 according to the BBC, russia department of defense rejects a comment to whether have missile deviate course, it is the missile that states the warship is blasting off the following day onl

y, hit Syrian churchyard many targets, include center of weapon library, command and training camp to wait.

Russia discloses 7 days, russia launched missile to assault the extreme with 1500 far kilometers to organize Mohammedan country to be in in Caspian warship Syrian target.

Shaoyigu says Russia defense minister, 4 warships blasted off to 26 cruise missile are hit and destroy 11 targets in all, attack did not cause civilian casualties.

The report says, meanwhile, face Russia to intervene Syria upgrades ceaselessly, north reiterates about ensure allied country is safe, strengthening reaction force, so that can quick disposition.

American official did not offer Russia missile to fall the material detailed information of the place.

IRNA of Iranian state news agency reports 8 days say, an UFO is in the Ghozghapan village crash that Azerbaijan saves this country on the west, allegedly this village is located in missile flight line.

Standpatter media describes the report that falls into Iran about missile is the psywar that the United States objects Moscow and begins.

The Faersitong that belongs to Iranian revolution armed escort according to believing be subordinate to dispatch company (Fars News Agency) report, since Russia since the operation is being begun in Syria, western media and official launched full-scale attack to Moscow.

Minister of foreign affairs of day and the 8 Russia in gram of American Secretary of State draws sentence of electrify of husband collect husband, show Russia is in the punching bag of Syrian churchyard, majority is organized extremely with Mohammedan country have nothing to do.

Both sides is in half hours in communicating, did not take office as why technical the problem reachs consensus.

Syrian chief of the general staff expresses, the martial blow of Russian army obtains result, syrian government army launch mass territory offensive to terrorist foothold.

Card of American defense minister says especially, russian square beforehand is beautiful without the announcement square, xiang Yisi the target shoots orchid country cruise missile. Presently square martial action forces the United States and ally to the brim.

He returns criticism, russian army show is not professional, encroach north to make an appointment with member country Osmanli territorial air.

North makes an appointment with the national defence of member country to grow assemble Brussels, discuss the way to deal with a situation.

North makes an appointment with secretary-general Situoertengbeige says, will evaluate Russian army action to upgrade, the safety that makes an appointment with member country to north is minatory, north prepares clique arms to help the allied country that includes Turkey inside about, answer any menace.

Occupy website of broadcasting station of French international broadcast additionally to will report on October 9, 8 sunrise face denies Russian authorities 4 cruise missile break the in Iranian churchyard crash news after allowing. Earlier some moment, an American official confirms, 4 missile that Russia fires are in Iranian churchyard crash. According to pointing out, these 4 cruise missile blast off 7 days from Caspian battleship, in order to cooperates Syria the mass territory offensive that governmental army launchs to rebel army.

Russia respect appears personally those who deny is spokesman of Russian department of defense, this spokesman says, the cruise missile that all launching hit a target. If not be such, the goal that that should say to Mohammedan country is organized namely is ego explosion. This spokesman says, we won't to CNN in that way, do not offer news source to perhaps draw the famous person that occupy conceal person, we announce missile immediately from from the whole journey chart that blasts off to hit a target.

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