Because espial is in,day just responds to 2 Japanese China by arrest: Disadvantageous comment

Japanese media will announce a message to say on September 30, 2 Japanese men that Chinese government participated in emissary behavior to be suspected of recently about the branch are carried out arrest. It is reported, 2 people already may be detained a few months. To this, magisterial Jian Yiwei will respond to room of Japanese ministerial official on September 30 say

, disadvantageous specific event publishs a comment, day just is understanding the safety and danger of Japanese countryman overseas with all one's strength.

Japan " morning sun news " message of Sino-Japanese relation personage will publish quote on September 30, by the 2 Japan philtrum of arrest, 1 person is arrested toward border land in Liaoning province, another branch be concerneded by Zhejiang province is arrested with emissary suspicion. This person by the person the likelihood is to be in Zhejiang to save periphery of establishment of some military affairs to be engaged in espial.

Japanese joint company says, of 2 people why to plant behavior is brought about by arrest unknown. It is reported, this man is civilian Ev

eryman, do not live in China, after entering Chinese churchyard from Japan by arrest. Chinese government made clear the legal definition of emissary behavior first in November 2014, carry out " counterespionage law " , the management with the individual and monitoring are organized outside enhancing pair of Chinese home of great capacities at present.

Cany cropland built a company 2010 because staff of 4 day membership is suspected of be below the circumstance without the license enter Heibei to save precinct of Shijiazhuang city war to take a picture illegally for a time by arrest.

" morning sun news " think, according to China " counterespionage law " reach " criminal law " concerned regulation, the behavior of 2 afore-mentioned Japanese if the clue is serious, highest will possible meeting is sentenced capital punishment.

Japanese official room is magisterial Jian Yiwei concerns a branch 30 days to be engaged in in order to be suspected of with respect to China be related of 2 Japanese men is arrested to express to already heard of relevant report for espial, but disadvantageous specific event publishs a comment. He emphasizes at the same time, japanese respect did not make emissary conduct.

Jian Yiwei still says Japanese government is understanding the safety and danger of compatriots overseas with all one's strength.

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