Flower intermediary: The United States plans to send the 3rd fleet and existence of Asia-Pacific of Japanese collaboration aggrandizement

Jan 11, 2022 上海贵族宝贝419

Flower intermediary says, the 3rd naval force of an United States with powerful hope of naval and senior high-ranking military officer expands in from the headquarters that is located in holy alternate dagger on the west the action of Pacific Area, the 7th naval force that is set in Japan with headquarters spreads out more close cooperation, the key pays close attention to stable least of all area.

Will report on September 27 according to Reuter, siketesiweifute ever published admiral of American Pacific Ocean twice recently speech, but any attention that did not cause media almost. He is right in the speech the necessity that is limits of bound delimit action with line of international date change raises doubt. International date changes a line with on the west the action limits that Pacific Area is the 7th fleet on the west, the action limits of the 3rd fleet is to the south of.

The report says, american naval officer shows, nuo of the 3rd admiral pulls Tai Sen and not be the 7th admiral the type watching naval vessel that will serve as American navy delegate to attend Japanese m

ilitia to will be held on October 18. This is the inchoate evidence that the strategy transforms. Japanese militia watchs naval vessel type to aim to show maritime strength, hold 3 every years.

On September 7, siweifute is in the speech publishs to say when inspecting the ministry of the 7th admiral that is locat

ed in Japanese horizontal stroke to need congratulate: Have this idea popularizing, if Tai Sen increases forward position to fight frequency, I won't feel accident.

Siweifute says, make these adjustment do not need migratory headquarters or mother harbor, but will be these two fleets to spread out collaboration to create a condition in stable least of all area.

The report says, china is worth to be in when Siweifute publishs this address Asian controversy maritime space (be in Southern China especially) during domanial ambition causes condition tension.

An official of navy of Pacific Ocean fleet says, this one idea aims to cancel administrative border, but still be in notional phase. He says, this plan involves forward position of the 3rd fleet to fight. Forward position fights is naval term, mean carry out in distant war zone patrol wait for the task.

The report says, the 3rd fleet has about 100 naval ships and boat, include 4 aircraft carrier.

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