Afghanistan cooperates with more by IS sexual attack already shot dead 60 armed elements

Jan 11, 2022 上海品茶论坛

According to BBC report, recently, area of Afghan the eastpart part, at least 300 commando that organize Mohammedan country extremely are in checkpoint dot to initiate to how cooperate with infrequently sexual attack.

An official of local says, be in south among the attack operation that adds haing province, share two polices to be beaten dead. This official still sa

ys, be in inferior precious (Achin) area, governmental army launchs counterattack, had shot dead 60 armed elements. Latter, accessary the commando of Mohammedan country obtains more and more compassion in Afghanistan with support.

U.N. not long ago issues a report once warned Mohammedan country to be being permeated enter Afghanistan, and recruit arrives epigone. One is occupied saying is by accessary the statement that the armed element of Mohammedan country publishs alleges, they are in south add haing province to launch large-scale attack.

Spokesman of Afghan Home Office says, before this, governmental army shoots dead armed member of 51 Mohammedan states in special operation together. (Laoren)

Original title: Government office army initiates IS Xiang Azheng to atttack 60 armed ele

ments to be shot dead in coordination

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